Radio doesn't have any power!

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Radio doesn't have any power!

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Radio was working when put in storage now getting ready to ride and the radio doesn't work. Suggestions? Fuse is good.

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Re: Radio doesn't have any power!

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I think when a 1800 battery charge gets low enough it will divert all power to starting. Does the battery show a proper charge when load tested? Or maybe see if the radio will come on when a trickle charger is hooked to the battery.
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Re: Radio doesn't have any power!

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The following are voltage readings on a battery with the bike off. It is pretty self explanatory.

Battery Life:
Measured in an ‘at rest state’.
Motor off and no charge applied to battery.

12.7 VDC 100%
12.5 VDC 90%
12.4 VDC 80%
12.3 VDC 70%
12.2 VDC 60%
12.0 VDC 50%
11.9 VDC 40%
11.8 VDC 30%
11.6 VDC 20%
11.3 VDC 10%
10.5 VDC 0%

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Re: Radio doesn't have any power!

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check to see if by some chance you have pushed the MUTE BUTTON

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