1983 gl100a battery completely discharged (only 4 months old)

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1983 gl100a battery completely discharged (only 4 months old)

Post by Lazbiker » Mon Apr 11, 2016 1:27 am

Hello goldwingers. About a month ago I was getting on my bike to head home from my best friend's house. I put my key in, turned it, and when I got to the "run" position, everything went dead. I moved the handlebars a little, everything came to life for a split second, then nothing. At this point I assumed the ignition switch under the lock cylinder was bad.

Now, a month later, here is what has happened. I took the lock cylinder and switch off for testing. My best friend John happens to be an Electrical Engineer, so we tested the switch thoroughly, and just for good measure we sandblasted the internals with silicate. It passed all original tests anyway, but we were going the extra mile. Since the switch is fine, we checked all circuits. The starter was actually soaking in grease and oil from previous leaks. We pulled it, disassembled it, cleaned it with boric acid, hot water sprayed it, let it dry overnight, then reassembled and tested it. Works perfectly. Then the battery. It was almost totally discharged. This is a four month old AGM battery from Batteries Plus with a two year warranty. Why would it be at .9 volts?? My brain tells me that the alternator is the culprit. What are the odds? My volt meter hasn't been plugged in in 4 years. I don't have a clue where the harness attaches. Could it have discharged from sitting for only a month? Batteries plus is charging it overnight. Opinions?

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Re: 1983 gl100a battery completely discharged (only 4 months old)

Post by RBGERSON » Mon Apr 11, 2016 7:51 am

More likely a drain someplace..or bad stator..easy to check stator out put..several threads on how to do it do a search..


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