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Upcoming Trip

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Come September, my son and I will be leaving for our final trip of this season.

Leaving Denver area going to Indian Lake, NY to visit my brother, Chattanooga, TN for my son to visit his mom, then south to see some museums and the south then into DFW, then Santa Teresa, NM then home. If we can hit the entire route we have "planned" then we will cover about 5,300 miles on our bikes. Only the first day is planned, getting to Eugene T Mahoney State Park with the SAC Museum next door. After that, we wing it. Drive as much as we want or as little.

We will be camping the entire trip unless weather forces us to do otherwise. I'll be towing my 1998 Bunkhouse behind my GL1800 and my son will be towing his "new" Uni-Go trailer that we just ordered the hitch for. We think it will be a great trip and a lot of riding. Unfortunately, due to less time than we originally had, we will be hitting a lot more interstate than we like. Breaks of the game I guess but we lost two days vacation due to my son changing jobs.

It will still be a great trip. We will be going into areas we have not been in for a long time. We have our usual air museums including USAF Museum, USS Intrepid, USS Alabama (Yes, a battleship with a sub and air pavilion) and hopefully the War Eagles Museum in Santa Teresa, White Sands Missile Museum. Time will tell.

It should be a great trip and a lot of fun. A lot of sore bottoms. And I'll be using my new Bushtec Hitch that we installed 2 days ago. I'll be testing it this coming weekend to see how it tows but I expect good things from it. Might get out to camp this weekend but not sure if I have the time with what needs to be done.

Ride Safe!

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