1976 GL1000 dies when coming off revs in gear

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1976 GL1000 dies when coming off revs in gear

Post by joseph548694 »

I don't know much about fixing motorcycles because I ride Hondas, but I have a problem with this one.

I recently bought a 1976 GL1000 and am having a problem with it dying when it comes down off revs. When I bought it the idle was turned up to 1400-1500 RPM, which I now think was to mitigate the dying problem. I have since set the idle at 900, but it would still die when it was set to 1400. What happens is after riding, I will come to a stop sign and as I let off the throttle and brake, instead of settling into an idle the tach drops all the way to zero. The frequency of this is inconsistent. Sometimes it will happen once on a ride, sometimes it will happen at every stop, and sometimes not at all. I have been riding for 15 years and I know I am pulling the clutch all the way in. Something else it will do, and I don't know if it is related to the dying or not, is it will decide to idle at 2000+ RPM. Does it infrequently and there doesn't seem to be any set of conditions that make it idle high like that. It doesn't seem to be dying any more or less after I set it to 900, which is odd because I thought it would die more often. Any ideas? I haven't seen anyone else on here with similar issues. I'm not sure where to begin. Is it an ignition issue? Carburetor? The bike came with a recent receipt for Randakk's kit, but that doesn't mean the previous owner did it right.

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Re: 1976 GL1000 dies when coming off revs in gear

Post by DenverWinger »

Carbs will probably need serviced. I'd primarily suspect either idle circuits weren't cleaned sufficiently, or the float level may be off somewhat.

You didn't mention whether it seems rich or lean as it's dying out, either condition can cause this. I'd kinda suspect rich. How's the exhaust when it's sitting at a steady idle? Kinda rich smelling?

Another service item which can affect the 1000's, the rubbing block on the ignition points wears down, if they're not running quite right you might be surprised what re-gapping the points and resetting the timing can do for these old birds (wings). :D
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Re: 1976 GL1000 dies when coming off revs in gear

Post by cfairweather »

Another thing you need to check is the springs on the advance unit. They should be snug, not tight, but my guess is they are a bit loose. If so, you can cut 1/2 loop off of each spring to solve this issue. Set the points and timing after doing this. The carbs are probably part/all of the issue.
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