Chomp chomp chomp

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Chomp chomp chomp

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Re: Chomp chomp chomp

Post by WingAdmin »

It's not just Honda, it's pretty much ALL vehicle manufacturers today.
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Re: Chomp chomp chomp

Post by blupupher »

WingAdmin wrote: Mon May 16, 2022 12:02 pm It's not just Honda, it's pretty much ALL vehicle manufacturers today.
At least it is not like Volvo in the 80's and Mercedes in the 90's making a biodegradable wiring harness, with a life of 10-15 years before the insulation starts to degrade. Many vehicles from that timeframe are unusable due to cost to rewire the entire vehicle, as well as the fire hazard (and no recall ever done).

As for the lawsuit, I don't see it having merit, mice are not something the car maker has any control of. Millions of vehicles never have a problem with mice. Mice like to chew on wires period, I had a few thousand in home wiring that had to be repaired due to mice. I am not going to sue the maker of my house or the wire company. It is what they do.
As for Honda making a wire wrap with chili pepper to help stop it, I don't see that as any admission of wrongdoing, but as a way for consumers to either be proactive to prevent it if they have rodent problems, or keep it from happening again.
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Re: Chomp chomp chomp

Post by Sadanorakman »

.....yeah... NO!

They chose to make looms literally out of food (soy, rice husks, peanut oil) Sheesh!

Then they realise they have a problem, so retrospectively create a chili tape, that they choose to wrap around those parts of the loom most exposed (but not the whole loom).

I get the drive to move to biodegradable, which is to be encouraged, BUT; why the hell not infuse chilli right into the plastic when it's manufactured, so that every inch of wire is as disgusting to a rat, squirrel, or mouse, as those parts currently selectively wrapped in the chili tape?

To me, they are as guilty as a puppy dog sitting next to a pile of poo! You're telling me, that not one engineer thought : "****, I wonder if by making this wire out of food, whether a mouse is going to want to eat it more than the old pvc stuff? Nah...what could possibly go wrong!"

It's like choosing to make the roof out of rice-paper, then saying it's the customer's fault for driving it in the rain then finding the roof dissolved. Obviously it's all just a surprising coincidence that is completely out of the manufacturers foresight, or control... NOT!
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Re: Chomp chomp chomp

Post by FM-USA »

I've been saying this since the 1980s when Electronics crept more & more into our vehicles to the point that we shade tree mechanics can't fix PC's in vehicles without buying specialized tools.
As we progress in this modern age, the more we want to return to caveman days.


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