Cruising Speed

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Cruising Speed

Post by Rockywing » Tue May 25, 2010 11:39 pm

I'm new to the Goldwing but not to cycling, been riding for about 40 years. Sunday my wife and I rode about 200 miles and it was great! We rode the back roads of the rolling hills of Wisconsin and the bike (91 Aspencade) performed flawlessly. A question on the OD gear, when cruising at 55 in 4th I'm running about 3000 rpm, no problem accelerating, hills, anything. At 55 in OD performance seems a bit compromised. My wife I weight a total of about 350 lbs – level roads OK, against a headwind I could feel the difference.
I guess my question is what gear do most people cruise in? Thanks

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Re: Cruising Speed

Post by 2008retiredplb » Wed May 26, 2010 7:56 am

I'am not sure it would be any different than my GL1800 but at that RPM, speed and gear you are near the peak torque of the engine and that would be the best to cruise in. You are not lugging the engine, unless you fall below something like 1500 to 2000 RPM and can't keep up your speed or need to climb a hill, pass someone or something like that, keep it in OD. With my 1800 I very seldom down shift while cruising. I do it when slowing for a sharp curve or under going 30 MPH. That includes pulling a camp trailer two up with combined riders weight near 420 -440. If you need to give a little more throttle in order to keep speed that is normal, but if you can not keep the speed you may need to downshift until you pick up your speed again. You will know when you are lugging the engine, thats when you need to down shift. I like to run near 1500-2500 RPM when in town and to keep enough torque to accelerate when needed. On the road I will be somewhere around 3000 RPM. I do know the 1800 does have a bit more horse power than your 1500. Look in your owners manual and it should give you the peak torque at the rated RPM. Thats where you get the max power. But that doen't mean you need to be at that RPM always.
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Re: Cruising Speed

Post by gareva1 » Thu May 27, 2010 4:26 pm

at 55 on my 1800, I'm in 4th, and am a little below 3k rpm...when get to around 65, I shift into 5th OD...if you ride 5th at 55, you are not quite in the power band, but you will definitely get better gas mileage than doing the same speed at 4th. Take whatever the owners manual says about speed and shift points and throw it away...I've never seen a motorcycle owners manual that had the speed to gear points anywhere near right (one of my bikes in the past had 5th gear at 35mph...that would seriously lug any engine except the smallest starter bikes)...if you've been riding as long as you say, I'm sure you can feel when to properly your instinct, not what that book says for this issue.

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Re: Cruising Speed

Post by fysty-1 » Sat May 29, 2010 12:07 am

I cruise @ 3000 -3200rpm while on the road. In 5th gear @ 3200 I am running about 120 kph ( approx 70mph) In town I never get above 4th.

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