Today was a great day

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Today was a great day

Post by twostrokes48 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 5:20 pm

All kinds of good things happened today..and it's about time something good happened.
The best thing is I finely got to meet Littlebeaver. He came out to the house today to help identify these engine guards I have, which belong to a still unknown bike. The 1100 was a pick by some....well with beave riding a 1100, it is now ruled out. So I am at square one but 1000's and 1100's are definately out.
And, since Martin is so good at picking up little tidbits of info, when I told him my gate had two big metal parrots on it, he used that info not only to find my house, but to bring a great little wooden parrot in beautiful colors...My wife loved it.
Then, he decided to buy an extra trailer I had and was wanting to get rid of since I don't need it anymore. Now all that would be enough for any day to make it great. But, when Martin comes to get the trailer, he brings a LARGE Parrot, kinda the size of the eagles that have been showing up at peoples houses, and it flies in the wind. My wife felt really bad that he got away before she could again thank him so much. So, more than a one days good stuff...but that is not all.....I had a call from the solar power company that I bought my 5.3kw system from a year ago. They said if I would pay the balance off by the end of the month, they would discount it 10%...Well I said to myself, I was planning on paying it off with my income tax return anyway...So lucky me. So thinking I still owed about $2000, I figured 200 is a nice savings....I asks her for the payoff figure so I could take care of it. She said, well you don't owe very much...I'm thinking, maybe $2,000 is not much to you, but to me it is a lot....but yes, not much on a $19,500. system...She then said, I show you have a balance of $492.00....When I questioned that, turns out, I forgot about a $1500 payment I made right after I set up the account. Soooooo instead of owing about $1800 with the discount, turns out it was about $450.00 Now how many more things could come my way all in one day...
Add that to the info I got last week concerning my heart problems which was good news, Doc says they can fix it with a little surgery and the expert who invented this procedure who goes around the country teaching other doctors is going to be in Austin and they can get him to do the surgery.....Sooooo how great is that....Waiting for a call with the date now.....and warm weather to boot.....
Beaver my wife says, thank you, thank you, thank you and I do to..

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Re: Today was a great day

Post by thrasherg » Wed Mar 20, 2013 6:20 pm

It sounds like you need to go and buy a lottery ticket!! Congrats on the heart news, fingers crossed the surgery will go well.


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Re: Today was a great day

Post by Mag » Wed Mar 20, 2013 6:53 pm

Nice - that was several good news things....I agree buy a lottery ticket....well, I bought one, so wait until tomorrow ;)

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Re: Today was a great day

Post by littlebeaver » Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:10 pm

Today was a good day, I met the nicest couple today,,,I was going to buy a trailer from a women in Kerrville, Texas for like $775.00 oh boy it was a dandy trailer for my bike,,,,But I got word that twostrokes had a couple of trailers up for sale....Now this Twostroke fella is a riot....He is so much like my Dad I just shook my head..Really a nice man, and his wife is beautiful and a personality to match,,,Guess what???? She made me TACO's man... :shock: :shock: :lol: :lol: I was blown away by their hospitality and generousity, I had just eaten breakfast too,,,Three eggs, three bacons, one bisquit, and juice....My wife took the day off because she could and made us all breakfast..Soooooo I was rather full, and I could only eat like three taco's instead of TEN :shock: :shock:...Oh she made enough for ten guys for sure...And boy they were as good as mine..The lady can make some taco's now...I'm going to call Twostrokes the birdman now and I'll tell ya why....He and his wife have many birds. many beautiful parrots... And ducks and other types of birds, they gave me a tour of his place and it was quite entertaining....Lot's to see, I was amazed at some of the stuff he has collected, this is how he reminds me of my Dad, see he collected stuff too..Both are really good men too..Jim showed me his little tilt up trailer, and it's old, but very very well built, I have an eye for good stuff, I saw a trailer that I could make work, it will take a few tweeks but I should have her looking like new in no time.. I'm still deciding on what color to paint it...He gave me a wonderful deal, he originally said he wanted 500.00 clams for it but my wfe informed me that the company will pay for a uhaul trailer for our next move...Hummmm I wanted a bike trailer because like an idiot I sold the last one I had....we were not supposed to move anymore...Gosh dog it..So this trailer guys had 8" wheels on it, I already changed that to 12" wheels, I had a spare for my other trailer and I just bought one more wheel today, I will need to do some custom cutting tomorrow so the wheel clears the frame and planks just above the wheel or I may shim the axle at the leaf springs a little..I do not want the wheel hit either the frame or wood, because it's going to go down due to the weight of the bike once it's on it...Hey it tilts man..Cool...Pull a pin and it tilts...I like it..Solid as a rock too..My wife said paint it black,,it is black...I looked at her, :shock: :shock: and said... are you kidding...Black..everybody and their brother has a black trailer..Geeez hasn't she learned anything about me yet????,,,I do things differently man..Whatever color it's going to be it will be good I hope..Oh, and it tows like a dream, I really like it...He said he had this trailer in his family for a long long time..I am proud to own it now, and he will be proud of what I do for it as well, because I like fixing things up a little better than they were before.....Yes, indeed it was an awesome day, it's funny how magical those silly crafts are.. :lol: :lol: Glad your wife like it Jim...Hey here are some photo's of the trailer in the work process...I still have lots to do to it...You know disco lights ect... :D

Trailer I got from Twostrokes
Trailer I got from Twostrokes


Bought replacement lights too...And I changed the wheel in this photo first thing
Bought replacement lights too...And I changed the wheel in this photo first thing

Hey cool man it's a slide,  seriously a guy could sleep nicely on this sucker..Get one of those air mattresses and away you go man..just tilt it up where you like it and lights out...Pretty cool idea or what...????
Hey cool man it's a slide, seriously a guy could sleep nicely on this sucker..Get one of those air mattresses and away you go man..just tilt it up where you like it and lights out...Pretty cool idea or what...????

chock already in place, he put it on and towed his bike with it to Dallas and back...
chock already in place, he put it on and towed his bike with it to Dallas and back...

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