What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by jammer444 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:42 am

Sorry..no pic yet.
Ages ago some of my buddies had Rupp minibikes, so I got to ride those and got the fever! I was about 8/9 then..
Later (around 15) I ended up with a Hodaka ACE 90 that didn't run, so I took it apart and rebuilt the engine in my bedroom over the winter. I was living with my Grandparents then and they were NOT impressed. Sold that to a friend and graduated from high school, got married to the most wonderful woman in the world, and joined the Air Force.. Didn't get another bike till around 78. One of the guys in my squadron had a '75 1/2 Harley that was sitting in his shed . I saw it and asked about it, and we worked out a deal where I gave him 2 of my long guns and $1000 cash and it was mine. The thing hadn't even been registered and had only 351 miles on it!
Not a bad deal for a NEW bike, huh? :lol:
Sold that after about a month (I bought it to resell it anyway, but in that short time, I fell in love with that thing) Went overseas and didn't get another bike until we came back CONUS..Had a 80 Kaw.500 2-stroke, 3 cylinder..got it in baskets and boxes, but I got her back together and running..then I got a Honda CB 400, a '75 Yamaha 650 Midnight Special (never liked that bike..always felt unstable). Then got a Honda CX500 from a friend..
Moved to Alabama after I got out of active duty in '92...the Honda just sat and eventually I gave it away to someone to play with.
My wife really didn't like me riding a bike in city traffic anyway, so I didn't ride for another 14 years. In that time my Bride went to be with Jesus, and I decided to start riding again, Found a fellow with a '99 Honda Magna (750) with 10 k on it that wouldn't run (carbs clogged from sitting w/ fuel in them). Picked it up for $800 and cleaned the carbs. Now I ride that one to work as much as possible..but I'd always wanted a Wing..found a gent in Alabama w/ a '95 Aspencade that hadn't run in 2 years..picked it up for $1750 with 95 k on the clock..turned out that the petcock vacuum line had a hole in it and the carbs didn't have any gas!. Fixed that and she fired right up! Now I have my cake (Maggie the Magna) and can eat it too!( Smokey the Wing)
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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by Wink1018 » Sun Jul 29, 2018 8:00 pm

Forgive me with no pics.....

My love of motorcycles started in the 70’s. As a kid I saw Evil Kenevil jumping his bikes over anything and everything. Plus, my uncles both had dirt bikes/dual purpose bikes. Unfortunately, my parents forbade me from ever owning a motorcycle.

Jump ahead to the mid 90’s. I was in my 20’s and finally decided it was time to get my own motorcycle. I enrolled in the safety course and received my endorsement to ride. I then picked up the first bike I felt comfortable on. Needless to say I knew nothing about this bike until it was too late. Let’s just say it’s power shared the crap out of me on the third day I owned it. My first bike was a 1983 Honda Magna V65. Beautiful bike. And it fit my build. Needless to say, I was not aware of the power of this bike at the time. It took me three days to think maybe I should investigate what this bike is all about. Yea, 105hp at the tire through at shaft drive. 78ft/lb of torque. And the ability to lift the front tire of a bike that weighed as much as an elephant. I leaned really fast that I needed to respect the machine.

Unfortunately, I decided to sell it due to the birth of my first born. It didn’t take long to feel the remorse of not having a motorcycle.

I was able to liberate my father’s motorcycle from his garage in 2007. It sat in his garage for over 10 years collecting dust. The fact that my grandfather purchased it brand new. My father owned it after that. And neither rode the bike much at all. So here I have a basically new 1981 Yamaha XJ650 Maxim. It just needed the brake lines and tires changed, the carbs cleaned, and a good wash.

2010 was another good year for me and bikes. A coworker had a bike that was a project that he had lost interest in. Be basically gave me his 1993 VS1400GLP Intruder. Only issue was that it was an empty frame and 6 boxes worth of parts. It took me about 18 months to completely reassemble/restore this bike.

A few years later, my wife stated that she wanted a motorcycle. Great. She was going to get her motorcycle license and her own bike. So, I located an individual that was willing to trade a bike for the off-road Jeep I had. This is how we came about our third motorcycle. A beautiful 2001 Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom. Long and low with just the right amount of power.

Unfortunately, my wife did not get her license. And now I am the owner of three motorcycles. Non of which are very comfortable for prolonged two-up riding. Thus brings us to this past week....

We talked about getting a touring bike for the both of us. And this week I found one within our budget. We were able to purchase a 1986 Honda GL1200I Interstate. It does need some major mechanical and minor cosmetic work. However, it is a bike that fits us both comfortably.

I look forward to repairing and riding the GW. It will definately round out the stable of bikes in our garage

1986 Honda GL1200I Goldwing Interstate
1981 Yamaha XJ650 Maxim
1993 Suzuki VS1400GLP Intruder
2001 SVX650 V-Star Custom

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by thegambler » Thu Sep 20, 2018 10:34 pm

My bike journey started back in the late 90s, when my dad brought home a 1982 Honda SilverWing GL500. I loved that bike at first sight, I could stare at it all day. I couldn't ride with him on it, didn't have the second seat. I dreamed of the day when I could ride it, but unfortunately he sold it after a couple of years.

When I was 14 (2002), my dad brought home a 1982 Yamaha Maxim XS400 for my sister and I to putt around the farm. We sold it after five years, and then went bikeless until two years ago when we picked up a 2009 Yamaha TW200. Rode that around the farm until this year, when I sold it and bought a 1982 Yamaha Maxim XJ750. Got my motorcycle licence and rode it for a month. But I still had that SilverWing on my mind.

The date was July 7, 2018. I went to the local auction. Usually it's mostly farm equipment, cars, ATVs, tools, and other random junk. But from the corner of my eye, I saw them. Two 1982 Honda GL500 SilverWings. Exactly like the one my dad had all those years ago. One was clearly a parts bike, fairing was off, rattle can painted, not pretty. The other one though, a little rough around the edges, but it was all there. Turned the key, and it fired right up. So I patiently waited for it to come up to the auction block. It rolled up, and the bidding started. $1000? No bids. $500? Not a hit. Then someone called out "$200!" After a quick struggle, it was all mine for $350. Rode it home, but not before putting in an absentee bid for the parts bike. I came back, and it was mine for another $60. I did a little service, and it's now my daily scoot.

But then temptation got the better of me. I thought, "If a SilverWing can feel this good, I can only imagine what a GoldWing must be like!" So I scoured the online ads, and found a mention of a 1985 GoldWing in an estate sale. It was close enough, so I thought, "Let's check it out." Drove out, and it was sitting out on the front lawn under a tarp. A 1985 GL1200 LTD, painted burgundy. It was all complete, but the lady selling it knew nothing about it. Couldn't even find the key at first. But she wanted $800. I wanted to hear it run, so I told her to find the key, otherwise my offer is $400. She got back to me the next day and said she found the key. I went over with $800 cash, hooked up the booster, turned the key, and hit the start button. After some cranking, she burst into life! I gave her the $800, and rode it home. Needs some bugs worked out, but hoping to make her my weekend warrior.

And now I'm here.

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by tamathumper » Fri Sep 21, 2018 7:07 am

Congratulations to all on all the recent purchases! Very exciting. :)

Please check the date codes on all these used bikes. You don't want to be driving around on tires that are older than 4-5 years, IMHO. But, tire age threads are like oil threads, so let's not go down that rabbit hole.

I started out as a kid with a Honda CT-70, then rode my brother's CB-100 around for a few years. I came down off a jump and busted off a foot peg, so I jammed a large spike in over the muffler and under the engine case and rode it another couple years that way. Then I bought a Magna 700F about 8 years ago and re-upped my motorcycle license, but sold it after a few years because the wife wasn't interested. Just got back into things this summer with an '03 GL1800A. Wife still isn't interested. Too many deer around here for her taste.
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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by AZgl1800 » Fri Sep 21, 2018 7:57 am

Can't remember if I have posted in this thread or not,
late '50s, a Cushman Eagle and a Mustang "scooter" motorcycle with 12" wheels.

'70s, Yamahas, CT175, DT250, and 750cc tour bike with driveshaft...
sold them all by 1976 because I was getting too damn careless and had two kids under 2 years old.

middle '90s, my son went to Iraq and left his '84a with me.
later on, I traded that for a '94SE, and bought him an '86SEi when he came home.

2008 a Penske semi tractor merged me into a center median, totalled the 94.

2010 I bought a '98SE and sold it somewhere around 2013?

2015 bought a 2002 gl1800 and it runs like a sewing machine.
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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by DenverWinger » Fri Sep 21, 2018 11:38 am

My first bike in 1980 was a '72 Honda CL-350, the PO (friend of mine) had run it out of oil and seized the camshaft. I traded him an under-dash FM/Cassette player for it. A cutting torch to cut the seized cam in half freed it so that each half could be removed from either side of the head, another cam and end bearings from another junk motor and we were riding.

In '85 I was living in a "roommate" situation, one of my roommates was out of work and I had covered two months of his rent. He titled over his '78 Suzuki GS-550 over to me and I covered one more month of rent ($150, a "lot" of money back then) and we called it a 'wash'. A couple years later I found a Vetter fairing with a Suzuki mount at a garage sale for $50 and replaced the broken handle-bar mount windshield with it. In '88 sold the CL-350, it wasn't getting much use anymore.

In '02 a friend of mine mentioned a Goldwing for sale for $100, and said it ran. I said I'd be interested in looking at it. This had to be absolutely the ugliest '77 GL-1000 I had ever seen, but for only $100 I thought maybe I could make something nice out of it. It actually ran pretty good! It had a Vetter fairing and Samsonite luggage, all painted "Rattle-can Red" (a very BAD job, I might add), the shelter and side covers "Red", too, and all the chrome and the wheels were painted "Rattle-Can Gold" including the spokes. I spent many days with paint stripper restoring the chrome. Removed absolutely miles of PO-installed "Short-Circuit" wire, took off all the Samsonite, junked the red-painted Vetter and put the nice one from the Suzuki on it. I got the Shelter and side covers repainted a nice metal flake black with blue striping on it and finally had a Goldwing I was proud to drive!

In '04 I moved to this house with no garage. The bikes had to sit outside in the weather, so I built a little 8x8 shed, just big enough to fit the Wing and Suzuki.

In '05 I sold the Suzuki to a lady friend, she had her eyes on Harleys but wanted a smaller bike to learn on first, the Suzuki was perfect for her. Sold for $500 (actually more than I paid for it). 20 years with the Suzuki, several cross-country trips, I probably logged 60k miles on that bike.

Later that year another friend mentioned a GL-1100-STD (47K miles) with full Vetter set he'd bought as a basket case, hadn't run in probably 15 years, he'd taken it to a "Mechanic" (in 'quotes') that had been bleeding him for money and not actually doing anything with the bike. He was thoroughly disgusted with the "mechanic" and went and fetched it home with a trailer. I wanted the luggage for my 1000 as I had no trunk or saddlebags and offered him $600 for the 1100. I figured I'd transfer the Vetter gear, then see what I could get out of the naked 1100 as parts. Trouble was, the Vetter luggage mounts for the 1100 didn't match up on the 1000, all the vetter mount points on the bracketry were missing the bolt holes on the 1000 by a half inch here and an inch there and I came to the conclusion that it simply would not work!

So I decided to see what state the 1100 was in.... You don't even want to know what I found in the gas tank (Yuck). Rolling it in 5th gear revealed the motor wasn't seized and had compression on all four so I thought I'd try to fire it. Borrowed the battery from the 1000, and with a hose run from the fuel pump into a gas can I hit the starter button. It actually fired up, running very badly on only two cylinders, but running nonetheless! I decided there was hope for the 1100 besides just parts! I unracked the carburetors, pulled off the bowels and sprayed some cleaner around in there and racked them back up to see if that helped any. Running on all four now, but no idle...

Another friend runs a little independent two-man shop specializing in Honda, not having any manuals for the 1100 I decided to just give him $300 for a carburetor rebuild. ... and after much disassembly I got the gas tank out of the 1100, he got it all nice and shiny inside for $100 more.

So now I have a nice running GL1100 STD Vetter with 47k for about $1000 (of course add tires, battery, belts etc...), engine had a slight knock to it though, sounded like a rod. I figured I'd keep driving her, and if she goes, she goes.....

Well, the little 8x8 shed fit a Wing and a Suzuki, but there was no way I was going to fit two Wings in it, one of them had to stay out in the weather, so after much debate and one of the poor wings stuck outside thru the winter snow I sold the 1000 in the fall '06 >snif< :cry: The knocking rod in the 1100 hadn't gotten any worse in 10k miles so clearly not a rod bearing, (It still knocks to this day with 101k miles now) so my best guess is a sloppy wrist pin. Might even be a cam bearing, only hear it on the right side.

I had been wanting to add a trailer hitch to the 1100 for some time and find a small trailer to pull, but I just didn't see how a hitch would mount to a STD with Vetter..... in 2010 A friend invited me to join him at the annual Denver Springtime Mototcycle Swap meet. He's a Beemer Rider, but I met him there with a gang of Wingers, four guys all with 1100's. We all looked at the show bikes and assorted motorcycle parts (mostly Harley) and I mentioned to one of the guys my desire for a hitch and trailer. One of the guys said he could hook me up for $400.

I went to see what he had - a 1983 Trav-Lite Camper trailer in good condition, and for the hitch he had the ass-end from a GL1100 interstate or Aspencade, the wrap-around cage type that surrounds the saddlebags, complete with bags and trailer hitch. So I took off the Vetter bags and trunk, mounted the cage, bags and hitch, and adapted the Vetter trunk onto it. Pulled that camper many trips with the 1100.

I built a 20x24 garage in 2013, now the Wing and Camper have a nice place to stay!

Last spring (2017) It was a nice warm morning and I decided to drive the Wing to work. Turned on the key, hit the starter and was rewarded with this awful crunchy-grindy racket that sounded like the starter drive was coming apart but the engine started, ran a second and stalled (first start of the year). Hit the starter again, more crunchy-grindy and then a clunk, and it wouldn't turn over any more. I thought maybe that noisy rod had finally let loose. Sadly drove the car to work.

So I started looking for Wings, and found this beautiful '93 1500 Aspy, 44k miles, always garaged, turn-key ready for $4800 with awesome sound system on it, and all the aftermarket SE lighting added.!

Well, the poor 1100 just sitting there, I finally decided to do a post-mortem and figure out what I was going to do with her. So I unscrewed the sparkplugs and took off the timing covers so I could put a wrench on the crank bolt to turn the engine, I could feel the crunchy-grindy in the wrench as I'm turning the crank back and forth and probing into the sparkplug holes with a coat hanger expecting to find a piston that wouldn't move. Well guess what, all four pistons were moving, so it wasn't the rod. So I kept turning the crank back and forth with the wrench and all of a sudden whatever it was binding things up let go and the crank would turn full revs with no foreign resistance at all. Curious, I screwed the sparkplugs back in and hit the starter. She started right up and ran as if nothing had ever happened! - Still with that slight knock. Since then I've put another (only) thousand miles on her (she badly needs a front tire), no sign of that issue returning.

I never have conclusively determined what made all that noise and caused the engine to lock up. I speculate that one of the sprags in the starter clutch disassembled itself and pieces got wedged in the works, and my turning the crank back and forth by hand caused the pieces to fall out and are now laying peacefully in the bottom of the rear engine cover where they'll do no damage. I'll never know, unless the starter clutch quits and I have to pull the engine......

So now I have two wings in my stable, the 1100 is going to have the saddlebag cage removed and I'll return her to the full Vetter configuration without trailer hitch, the 1500 has the camper-pulling duty now...

Anyone looking to add a trailer hitch to a GL-1100? I got parts for sale......
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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by saamiam » Fri Mar 29, 2019 3:29 am

Wow!!! Spent 3 days reading this entire chain!! What an awesome and kindred life we have all lived,, between all of us I think we have about 27,000years riding experience!! Seems like every bike of your path in life sparked a different memory.. How Very Cool.. even Better is the short stories that accompinied your pics! Soooooo I'll give it a try..

First bike? A Dump Trip Rupp... A 72 Rupp 5hp. This little thing was bad ass.. dual shocks in rear, looked like a little z50 but was belt driven. It was in rough shape when we pulled it from the dump. Siezed piston, bent forks, missing drive parts. About 6 months later and On Dads very first test run after getting it running went south quickly. The Cyntrifical clutch was so active that when he pulled the starter rope with throttle twisted it fired up so quick it shot out from under him into an almost back flip wheelie because he didnt let go and the rear shocks exploded apart upon landing. Stupid Funny to watch.
Fast forward another 2 months and she is right as rain.. the final par arrived.. The exact drive belt!! Not just slightly too big, but like the last remaining exact size belt on the planet!! Finally I get to ride!! I took off like a little 7 year old banshee around the neighborhood (maybe .3mile loop).. just 4 1/2 minutes into my new used rupp and my first riding ever and on the second time around the hood a damn dog took chase.. I panic'd, cranked the throttle to get away and as I round the corner my neighbor was just parking their brand new Mustang (9ft off the damn curb)!! Needless to say, I head on ran into his showroom new mustang at about 30mph and supermanning over the car landed on the street. Ambulance came and left. I was ok, but the Rupp.. after 6 months wait and a 4 min ride I managed to break the one part ya couldnt repair or replace, the rear belt hub.. That was my intro to mechanized 2 wheeled awesomeness, I was 7 and it was 1977. The rest are actual pics from back in the day.. here are about half of my bike history..


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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by Terry D » Sun Aug 04, 2019 4:05 pm

In 1964, I was 15 1/2 and my father let me buy a new 1964 Honda CB90. 1 year and a Half later I sold it and bought a 1965 Honda CB 160. Since that time I've never been without a motorcycle. Before I graduated High School in 1967, I also owned a 1957 Harley 74 with shift on the tank and suicide clutch. I joined the AF in 1969, went to Germany in 1981 and bought a new 1982 BMW R80RT. I've owned all sorts of bikes, many times two at a time. I've owned a Helix 250, Burgman Exec 650. I've owned 3 Harleys, a Suzuki Bandit 600, 4 Goldwings. Overall I've owned some 27 different bikes even a Honda Trail 90. My Favorites in the order I owned them my 79 Honda CB 650, 82 BMW RR80RT, 92 GL1500, 2001 GL1800 and 2005 GL1800.

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by jcn59 » Sat Aug 10, 2019 5:23 pm

When I was 16 & got my license I got a dorky Cushman scooter because my mother, who ran the house with an iron fist didn't like motorcycles. Then I got a 57 Cushman Eagle that I ran everywhere until a car load of black people made a left turn in front of me in Sarasota. They were very nice people, genuinely interested in my well being, and they had insurance. That was in 1963. Then the next year I got a 1955 (?) 250 Zundap. It never ran right but I had some interesting rides. Then a 1950s Italian gear driven overhead cam 350 that ran worse than the Zundap. Finally in 1972 I got a nice 350 Honda that I replaced the head gasket on. Nice bike. Then a couple DT175 Yamahas, one of which required a complete disassembly. Then a 1974 RD 350 Yamaha, maybe my favorite bike. Made me think I was a good rider. Then a new 1975 Honda 750SS. Rode it 12 months straight through a Wisconsin winter, almost 12000 miles. Then to the 1980s. Bought used 750 Yamaha twin and me and my new bride to be rode it all over northern Wisconsin. It was a tank. Then briefly a Kaw 900 Z1(?) that I put a few thousand on and a 650 Yamaha twin that was nice but I sold it soon. Then a couple years later a Kaw 500 triple that wouldn't turn over completely. I pulled the heads and found a bent rod on the center cylinder. I took a heavy CRS bar, held it on one side of the rod, and ever so gently, with a vise grip, scrunched the rod straight again, a few thou per squeeze, along side of that chunk of CRS. It ran perfect right up to redline without any vibration. After I sold that, I bought another of those 650 Yamaha twins cheap because the charging system didn't work. Bad rectifier. So I went to Radio-Shack and bought a few of their largest diodes and got the rectifier working again. Long term. After that I bought a Honda 700 VFR (?) crotch rocket (slow), drove it a few thou and sold it. Then my wife bought me a 78 GoldWing. That was a nice ride. Then no bike for a number of years. She stopped riding. I almost forgot.next..a 600 Kaw Enduro(?) and an 82 650 Honda four. Three years ago I bought my first Harley, a 94 1200 Sportster in almost new condition. A very nice bike. I still have it and will probably keep it. BUT! Two weeks ago I found a high mileage 1986 Aspencade that I couldn't pass up. And the alternator still works. I dropped it from a standstill first day I rode it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. For now.

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by echinus1988 » Thu Aug 15, 2019 7:25 am

I just added a "new" bike to the garage.

A 2007 Kawasaki KLR650. Paid only $600 for it and it runs! A little rough looking but for that price I'll take rough. Now I can hit some of the dirt roads that the 1800 doesn't like.

Counting the number of bikes on my property, 2006 GL1800, 2007 KLR650, 1981 Suzuki GL450L (almost running), 1981 Honda CM400 (not running). My son has a 2017 FJR1300ES, 2012 Kawasaki Voyager, 1980 Suzuki Katana, 1974 Honda XL250. Just sold the 1982 GL1100 Aspencade, I sure hope he's enjoying it and saving it from a life of sitting around!

Ride Safe.

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