What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by jammer444 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:42 am

Sorry..no pic yet.
Ages ago some of my buddies had Rupp minibikes, so I got to ride those and got the fever! I was about 8/9 then..
Later (around 15) I ended up with a Hodaka ACE 90 that didn't run, so I took it apart and rebuilt the engine in my bedroom over the winter. I was living with my Grandparents then and they were NOT impressed. Sold that to a friend and graduated from high school, got married to the most wonderful woman in the world, and joined the Air Force.. Didn't get another bike till around 78. One of the guys in my squadron had a '75 1/2 Harley that was sitting in his shed . I saw it and asked about it, and we worked out a deal where I gave him 2 of my long guns and $1000 cash and it was mine. The thing hadn't even been registered and had only 351 miles on it!
Not a bad deal for a NEW bike, huh? :lol:
Sold that after about a month (I bought it to resell it anyway, but in that short time, I fell in love with that thing) Went overseas and didn't get another bike until we came back CONUS..Had a 80 Kaw.500 2-stroke, 3 cylinder..got it in baskets and boxes, but I got her back together and running..then I got a Honda CB 400, a '75 Yamaha 650 Midnight Special (never liked that bike..always felt unstable). Then got a Honda CX500 from a friend..
Moved to Alabama after I got out of active duty in '92...the Honda just sat and eventually I gave it away to someone to play with.
My wife really didn't like me riding a bike in city traffic anyway, so I didn't ride for another 14 years. In that time my Bride went to be with Jesus, and I decided to start riding again, Found a fellow with a '99 Honda Magna (750) with 10 k on it that wouldn't run (carbs clogged from sitting w/ fuel in them). Picked it up for $800 and cleaned the carbs. Now I ride that one to work as much as possible..but I'd always wanted a Wing..found a gent in Alabama w/ a '95 Aspencade that hadn't run in 2 years..picked it up for $1750 with 95 k on the clock..turned out that the petcock vacuum line had a hole in it and the carbs didn't have any gas!. Fixed that and she fired right up! Now I have my cake (Maggie the Magna) and can eat it too!( Smokey the Wing)
Life is good.

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