Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by Goldwing7777 » Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:59 pm

Forgot one. (knew I would!)
Suzuki GS500E

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by AZgl1800 » Thu Aug 02, 2018 11:34 pm

Swore off riding back in '73 when I did a stupid jump over a hill I have never inspected before, the backside was full of ravines....

Made a pledge to God "Let me live thru this so my kids have a father and I will sell this damn thing".

it was gone the next day.

About the time of Desert Storm, my son volunteered to go over there as a civilian mechanic....
came over with his 1984 aspy and told me to ride it. if you don't in two years it won't be worth a damn.

'84, '86, 94, 98, 2002 now and still going.

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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by DonaldLColeJr » Wed Sep 26, 2018 4:27 pm

When i was a kid i used to do back yrd moto cross. Nothing big just friends riding trails and takeing jumps.... well one day i was about 2hrs from home by bike and we were all in the woods, i took a jump slower then the kid behind me and got bumpped off and then under my bike mid air tearing out my inner knee... i rode home left leg dangeling at the knee and only shifted upto second gear and fell over in my yrd for my step mom to take me to the ER. I never rode again... now im a grown ass man and if i wanna ride by golly ill get me another bike and ride.. ive got alot of catching up to do and had two bikes fall into my lap for a steal. I have all winter to fix them and thats what im gonna do too.
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by C-dub » Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:17 pm

machineshop_steve wrote:
Mon Jul 23, 2018 12:08 pm

I also ride a Turbo Hayabusa, with about the same horsepower as it weighs! I've racked up nearly 100K Miles on it, and absolutely love it, other then riding a 100mph is like walking speed, so it's hard to ride it normal! Fun as can be though!
I had a 2005 limited, not turbo, and even without a turbo it was difficult keeping it under 100 mph. So much fun! I think I had around 25k miles on it before selling it after ~8 years. I would have put more miles on it, but my wife and I drove to work together for many years and rode sometimes. Once, we were in an accident on the Busa and she refused to ride for several years. She was a little afraid, but the bigger issue for her was that she didn't want to be on the bike with me and something happen to both of us when we had a young daughter.

Never say never, but I think my 100 mph days are well behind me. I think my Wing has only been to 85, maybe 90, and I think the only reason for that was to see if the cruise control would engage. There was another thread around here discussing how older versions were limited and would not engage above 70 or 75 or something like that. Anyway, my 2016 engages above 80 mph.
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Re: Please tell who or what made you buy a Goldwing

Post by olewingrider » Sun Oct 21, 2018 10:54 am

in 1991 I brought a 75 GL1000 home that the dealer said needed a motor.paid $300 for the bike. had Vettor bags and fairing..first thing my 10 and 11 yr old boys said was. lets set the valves.I taught them that for there XR80s and 100s. we did. they were all set too tight.thus no compression,it fired right up and all of us piled on it and went around the wife came out and said ,.whose bike is that? I promished her I would not onw a street bike after dam near dying in a few crashes before we got married in 79. anyway I said its OURs dear, she grabbed 2 helmets and said lets go for ride. we did. for 3 hours? we put over 100,000 on that ole 75.we have had a few of each size since. triked a few too that she didn't like. so now back to a nice ole 1200 I got yesterday for $500 .. On the road agin !

heres pic of that first 1000 and todays 1200

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