1980 GL1100 Lives again.

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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1980 GL1100 Lives again.

Post by zeegl11 »

With the great help of the site and and couple of weeks of work, she has been running for two days. I went to start the bike today ,open the choke and she started up. Spitting and sputtering for a couple of minutes, when my friend noticed gas pouring from the bike. We shut it off and pull the plugs,#1 and #4 smelled like gas and were wet. The bike ran good yesterday idled with no choke for 25+ minutes. Could this be a plug wire problem or something bigger like the coils? Here is a pic of the two wet plugs.

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Re: 1980 GL1100 Lives again.

Post by littlebeaver »

Sounds like your needle valves are not shutting off the fuel completely, could be worn out seats too,,,take the carbs out and examine them.. You can rap the outside of the carb and it may stop the fuel leak but it might be wise to examine them too, just in case the parts are worn out, check float heights while your there..Hey sometimes the floats themselves don't move as they should, clean around each pin they ride on too..

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Re: 1980 GL1100 Lives again.

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If your fuel tank, filter, lines and gas pump are dirty with rust or old gas or whatever you are probably pumping that crud into your carbs and causing all kinds of problems. I would start by checking that everything from the tank to the carbs is clean before I would run it any more.

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Re: 1980 GL1100 Lives again.

Post by WingAdmin »

Littlebeaver is right on the money with this, stuck floats/needle valves will cause gas to flow into the carb bowls when they are already full, spilling out and flooding the cylinders. Don't continue to let it run like this - not only is it incredibly dangerous to have fuel spilling out over a hot engine, the cylinders will "gas wash" - where the excess fuel washes the lubricating layer of oil off the cylinder walls, causing scoring and damage.

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