1500 vs 1800

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Re: 1500 vs 1800

Post by TerryRuth » Sat Oct 06, 2018 11:01 am

well WHEN I was drinking God blessed me Things coulda went sooooooo badly soooooo often lol. still drive whatever like its stolen , and lost my licence 2 years ago for demerits >>> my 06 has heel toe floorboards(as ALL I owned have) arm rests c/w builtin cup holders front cup holder , Ultimate seat (way lower) Vancce&Hines exhaust , bling lights around trunk and saddlebags , navi/comfort , MORE bling lights in chrome vents and under and 61000 km /48000 mi my dog's still riding cost me $8900 Cdn I have ordered Clymer manual ($44oo) instead of OEM reviews are that Honda manual is for mechanics Clymer is for DIY dummys also Show Chome grips ( $ 167oo)>>>
the slow speed u-turns acceleration BRAKING is fantasic THIS is sooooooo far superior ! !

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Re: 1500 vs 1800

Post by dakotanator » Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:10 pm

Fatwing Chris wrote:
Sun Jun 29, 2014 8:05 am
minimac wrote:I was thinking of moving from the 1500 until I got the opportunity to borrow a friends 1800 for a weekend. My Aspencade is now twenty one years old (wow), but the ride on mine, for me, was a lot better than his three year old one. I liked all the gizmos on the newer bike, but I spend a lot of time in the saddle and the 1800 just didn't match my old timer for room or comfort. I bought a Goldwing for comfort, not road racing, so while the 1800 may corner better, that doesn't mean much to me. As far as finding a dealer to work on an older 'Wing, that's not an issue for me either. If there's something I can't/don't want to do, I have a some very good independent shops that are only too willing to do whatever I need.
I'm the same.I didn't buy a Wing to go racing and I think Mother Honda kind of got away from what the Wing is all about when she built the 1800.I do all my own work on my bike when at home,but if I'm a couple of thousand miles from home and I need something done it'd be nice to know you could find someone to do it without too much trouble.Saying all that I guess my 04 is about to pass the 10 year mark as well.Maybe no one will want to work on it either.
I haven't been on a cross country ride with mine......YET....but when I plan one, I will do a search of the whole route before I go for any and all shops that would/could work on my bike in a pinch. I only have an '83 Aspy, and no NAV, but do have GPS. Having a list of shops along or near the route isn't hard to print and keep in the trunk or tank bag.
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Motorcycle: 1983 gl1100 aspecade
06 navi/comfort

Re: 1500 vs 1800

Post by TerryRuth » Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:18 am

HAD at least 3 1100 s good bikes and got out of them $3000-3400 and that's what I paid so rode for gas and parts>>>> hard on starters and alt but both are less than $300 and 1 hr max to install .... keep it til you can afford a 1800 friend had 84 1200 and nadda bad on it either
1500 was the most pain of ALLLLLL maybe because over 200000 km and layed it over dozens of times>>>> toooooooo heavy/ clumsy

89 1500
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Re: 1500 vs 1800

Post by 89 1500 » Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:41 pm

One day I might move to a 18. No newer than 2017 though. Did a 3 state run on a 2018 and there's no way in hell that I'll do it again. The reason I'm still on a 15 is purely for room and comfort. I can pack a weeks wort of two up gear and way more for just me plus the soft side cooler.. I have leg room and room to move around on the seat. I like my onboard air compressor it saved me and more than a few friends in the past. Not too concerned with GPS I can read a map and road signs to this day. I could care less if the stealership wont work on my old bike I work on all of my motorized toys myself. There are no mechanics left in stealerships anymore,if they can't plug it in to read trouble codes they can't work on it. Two weeks ago I swapped bikes with a friend for the weekend and took a couple of notes. 1. I have to take 2 inches out of the back part of the seat so I can get some room back. 2. suspension work to get it how I like. 3. receiver hitch with platform. Slightly less hauling room so I need a little more space plus the deleted on board compressor that I now have to haul around. 4. strategically placed wind wings to make up for some minor buffeting. 5. the separate list for my two up better half. I'm moving from a 89 barn find next weekend to a 93 that lived a sheltered life. Prolly stay on the 93 for a few years before I look to newer 18's.

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Re: 1500 vs 1800

Post by DenverWinger » Mon Oct 08, 2018 2:37 pm

Made several cross-country trips on my 1100, and one on the 1500. The 1100 is comfy enough that the trips were very pleasant (no cruise, I just use a throttle lock) and the 1500 an absolute joy!

I've never ridden an 1800, but at 60 yrs old and only 50K mi on the bike I figure the 1500 will outlast ME!

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