Heated grips controller on GL1500 - where to mount it?

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Re: Heated grips controller on GL1500 - where to mount it?

Post by Mh434 » Fri May 06, 2016 1:14 pm

As a follow up to my previous experiences with the Show Chrome grips (2nd post above), the new set doesn't really work either. After 35 minutes' riding, they're up to luke warm. By that time, however, my hands have passed numb & are aching badly. This has been consistent in all the uses to date. In my case, at least, once my hands are seriously cold, mildly warming my palms is already a losing proposition.

Shut off the bike for a couple of minutes, they're back to stone cold, and the 35 minute process starts from scratch. I expect that if you never rode for less than an hour or two, they'd get nice & warm. Sadly, if you have a 36-40 minute commute in colder climes, they won't help you much. They do look nice, though...

The only possible improvement I can think of is to remove them from the "switched" side of the ignition circuit over to the "always hot" side (directly off the battery), with an ignition-energized relay so they can't be left on with the ignition off. This is NOT the recommended installation (Show Chrome recommends connecting them to the ignition-switched side of the fuse panel on an accessory circuit, and the provided wiring is specifically set up to do that).

I did, after installation but before hard wiring, try connecting the system directly to the battery (instead of the fuse panel). Even installed on the bars, they did get warm quite quickly. I suspect that they draw much more than the already-busy accessory circuits are designed to provide readily.

I'll report back on this, once I purchase a relay, find a place to mount it, and re-wire the system.

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Re: Heated grips controller on GL1500 - where to mount it?

Post by WingAdmin » Fri May 06, 2016 2:12 pm

That's entirely possible - with the size of the accessory wires (18 gauge, I think?) you might not be getting enough current to heat them up.

I know with my Gerbing's gloves, I only have them on HIGH when it's quite cold - like below 40F.

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Re: Heated grips controller on GL1500 - where to mount it?

Post by Spook1800 » Wed Jun 27, 2018 6:42 pm

I have a pair of Oxford heated grip purchased for my bride's Silverwing. Will they fit the bars on my GL1500?
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Re: Heated grips controller on GL1500 - where to mount it?

Post by woodsv » Thu Jun 28, 2018 8:46 pm

I just installed Oxford touring grips and i.have to say they are HOT! of course they have 5 settings but they are really nice. they come with spacers and new bolts to attach the controller to the left handlebar. they have a system which allows you to connect a fused link direct to.the battery. if you forget to turn them off after shutting off the bike the controller senses the drop in voltage and also senses the lack of vibration in the hot wire thus automatically shutting off the grips after 5 minutes. those are the positives. the negatives are they are pricey and the grips are really short. there was an inch and a quarter of handlebar left exposed on one side and the same length throttle tube exposed. I had to sacrifice a nice set of grips with chrome ends and cut them to length. I then glued the cut pieces onto the exposed bar ends and made it look decent. the oxfords actually come with a "cut" line so you can cut the grips.to length but in truth they could be 2 inches longer to actually fit a touring bar in which that particular set was intended for. the grip sets come in 3 styles which are basically, if I can recall, sport, tour and cruiser but as far as I can tell they are all the same length. and btw I paid 118CAD PLUS 15% tax. but like I said I do like them. they just should fit better for that price. it's late now but in will post a pic.

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