Impaired riding

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Re: Impaired riding

Post by wildlifeon1 » Tue Feb 03, 2015 12:44 pm

Learning to ride in England taught me the fun involved in twisty turny single track country lanes. With high hedges to obstruct the curve they were were fun to race down on a 100cc learner bike at 60mph plus. Add that to the feeling of safety eluded by the graded tint visor on the 'indestructible' fiberglass helmet and a really nice Italian leather riding jacket, gloves and full regalia including the beer towels sewn onto your jeans thighs to keep the cold out. It was like playing the sitdown version of the StarWars game out at the time. (Anyone remember that?) Now add a skin full! Ohhhh look at me on this go faster 2 cycle learner bike that tops out at about 78 with a tail wind. Man did I have some fun. Then I meet an old biker with the VMCC, (the vintage motorcycle club) with whom I was privileged to hang with. He gave me the best piece of advice that I have ever shared with any motorcycle enthusiast, especially the young ones on their crotch rockets who think they are at the TT races. He told me and I quote "There are old bikers and there are bold bikers, but there are very few old bold bikers. Now which do you want to be?" That was over 30 years ago. The gentleman who told me that, I can still see his face but his name eludes me, is probably long gone and I'm sure the 1921 Sunbeam 1000cc V Twin he rode has been sold years ago. But I believe I owe a great debt of thanks to him for sharing that as I have survived this long and can still throw my leg over. It slowed me down on the drinking and riding too for many years. Then one day, I just had to run out to the store, only 2 miles up the road, but during a very safe stay at home boozing session (what was I thinking?) and I forgot the golden rule: NEVER have more beers than you have tires on the road. I got bit, and hard. The impaired judgement, slowed reflexes and overall lack of concentration led me to use the vehicle in front (a nice mid-sized Oldsmobile) as an emergency braking system. :( It worked and I woke up during the small hours of the following morning in severe pain looking at my wife's back lying on a seat next to my hospital room bed. I had a broken wrist (my throttle hand) and multiple soft tissue injuries. Apparently I'd hit the car in front whilst checking the dials on the now dead horse CB400f that I rode at the time. :o I had to have the wrist pinned and now it 'don't work like it used to.' I was lucky I was still alive. I hit that car doing 45mph, and he was at a dead stop. The Doc said that the booze had helped me in two ways. Firstly to make me stupid enough to ride buzzed and secondly to relax me to the point I had bent and bounced and not just snapped. My guardian Angel had earned his wings that day. I still have a lot of nerve damage in the hand and a fair bit in the right knee and thigh, but it serves as a reminder: Booze and bikes really don't mix well. Sure you might get lucky for a while, but you'll never see it coming and when it does - whammo! I hope you wake up again. I can promise you I'll never mix the two again. My wife gave me hell all during my recovery and still worries when I mount my steed, and I am on the permanent restriction of calling her when I reach my destination. She won't ride with me, even though I'm a stone cold sober rider, but I hope some day to change that and get her on the bike, it's a work in progress. Throughout my riding career I've been bitten twice - so far touch wood - Once while learning on a 250 super(wet)dream and again on the 400f. I've been lucky.
I flatly refuse to mix bikes and beers now. I feel and have told the kids I meet while riding: Riding a motorcycle is like owning a loaded gun with the safety off. If you aren't careful with it and treat it with respect it can kill you or someone else.

Keep the rubber side down,

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Re: Impaired riding

Post by TWOWHEELCOWBOY » Tue Feb 03, 2015 3:09 pm

The Drinking Thing and Riding Motorcycles Is Out Of Control. My wife and I were invited to ride go on a group ride to a motorcycle event. The ride was hosted by a well known Heart Surgeon, there were about 25 riders in all. The Doc offered to buy lunch for the group on our ride home. When we arrived at the restaurant there were tables for the group already waiting with "Pictures of BEER" waiting. As it turned out one end of the table had the drinkers and the non drinkers at the other end. As I declined to drink Beer, one of the Doc's friend a retired Judge, said to me' you don't have to worry about a DUI your with me today. I replied, that I love to drink, but don't do it while riding, or driving. So the drinkers left the restaurant "Drunk" we we're riding a two lane I was in next to last place, and the Doc in last. All of a sudden the Doc decides he's going to the front, as he's was almost to the front of the group (now doing around 60-70 MPH) a car a good ways up the road turns on to the two lane coming head on to the Doc. At this point not letting the beer work the throttle, one would of let off and got back in line with the other bikes. But the Doc stayed hard on the throttle, he did make it by skin of his ass, car doing 60 Doc doing 60 120 MPH head on we all know the ending of that story. My point is, here you have a Doctor who probable has way better judgment than that when he's sober, and because of many pictures of Beer he almost killed himself, maybe the driver of the car and possibly some of the riders in the group. Moral: there's a time and a place for everything in life.
P.S. This is why the Two Wheel Cowboy, usually rides alone :!:
I thank Jesus for everyday I can still throw a leg over and ride :)

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Re: Impaired riding

Post by Seoladh » Tue Feb 03, 2015 4:55 pm

I'm was 71 in January and been riding bikes since 1965. I remember riding and driving intoxicated. I remember going back to work drunk far to often and trying to get home from parties with my then wife, both drunk as skunks. Waking up with someone strange the next morning happened more than once too. In all that time I only had two accidents one in the car the other on the bike. The bike accident should have killed me, and that stopped the drinking completely. I had a family and a business... What the hell was I thinkng?
That was almost 35 years ago and not a drop of alcohol since. I still ride and don't miss either the drinking or the occasional joint. Food tastes better and I enjoy my friends and family more. That's just me and I have to believe I have lived a lot longer too.
To those who still drink/smoke and drive a car or bike... What the hell are you thinking?
Ride safe & forever,

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Re: Impaired riding

Post by jacksprat54 » Fri Feb 13, 2015 5:37 pm

Wen't to an ABATE meeting at a local MC clubhouse in INDY sometime around '88; I have been clean & sober since March '84. First thing that happens is 2 cases of tall necks are placed on the pool table; second thing that happened is me walking out the door. A "biker rights" group that advocates training safe riders & then encouraging a room full of riders to tip 'em up is a contradiction in terms. I NEVER ride with anyone that has "any type" of intoxicant in them, PERIOD !!! Obviously I ride alone 99% of the time and that works just fine for me. As another commented, there's enough for us to contend with already just because we choose to ride. Don't need anything else going against me. Just saying. But who am I?

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Re: Impaired riding

Post by seabeechief » Sun Feb 15, 2015 9:46 pm

I will have a cold beer on a hot day if we are stopped for a greasy burger. I drink less now than at anytime in my almost 70 years. I probably average 2 a month, as opposed to 2 an hour a long time ago. I ride slow and easy and the hurry up and wait syndrome is almost completely extinguished. Ride Safe!

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Re: Impaired riding

Post by f1xrupr » Mon Feb 16, 2015 2:18 pm! I have been drug and alcohol free for 15~ years. I could tell stories of my past that most may not believe, but I'll spare you...I can tell you this...God is rich in Mercy! Here is a thought...year's ago on my way home from work, I stopped at a grocery store and got me some fried chicken from the deli. I ate the chicken on the way home. Several hours afterwards, I started puking, got dizzy, sqirts, couldn't keep any thing down...16 hours...I mean, sick man, poison!!! Fact of the matter is, I was allergic to body was rejecting it. For me to have intentionally eat more, would have been crazy! Guess what...I'm allergic to drugs and alcohol...! that's the short version...
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Re: Impaired riding

Post by urbanmadness » Tue Feb 17, 2015 7:22 pm

The guys in our little MC (I call it that, it's four of us), just don't drink. Two of the group are recovering acholics and two of us, just never really cared for it.

I think we are much better riders because of it. We usually ride out to dinner someplace, it works well for us. Incidently, it's the same guys I go out 4x4ing with, it's funny how that works.

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Re: Impaired riding

Post by bustedwing » Tue Feb 17, 2015 8:39 pm

Years ago I have made the mistake of drinking and driving, but never on 2 wheels. I did have 1 accident about 28 years ago that was my fault and I was the only one involved. I of course regretted that stupid mistake for many years. I realized just how close to dying that I was and decided that from now on I am going to be sober to see the end.
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Re: Impaired riding

Post by Uncle Fester » Wed Feb 18, 2015 3:58 am

I am happy to say, I was LUCKY I never hurt anyone during my drinking and drugging career, as I used HEAVY! I drank a average of 3 bottles of HARD BOOZE a day and about $300-$500 a day worth of coke starting at the tender age of 15 and ending at 21. I am even happier to say, I now have 25 yrs clean and sober thanks to Bill, my ex-wife, and my current wife & kids.

I do have a few drinks a year, but nothing like I used to. Now it is ONE shot on my Grand Mother, Grand Father, and Fathers death dates, and one on my and my wifes birthdays, BUT never if I will be driving with in the next 2 or 3 hours. Most times these drinks are at home, in the evening, when I am not going anywhere for the rest of the night.

I do not even like to think about how many miles I drove while "wasted", but it was A LOT. I am so lucky I never hurt anyone, myself included. . . . . :shock:
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Re: Impaired riding

Post by OldZX11Rider » Tue Dec 22, 2015 9:56 pm

In my younger wilder days the only problem I had with alcohol was I couldn't get enough. I tried very few of the drugs that were around back then, they just weren't my thing.
I drove a lot, when I shouldn't have. But back then there was a lot less traffic than there is now. I dented up a few cars but never had a serious crash.
When I was on a bike, I set a limit on myself of one beer. So all the accidents I've had on my bikes, I was sober.
When I got my first Goldwing I wouldn't drink at all while riding. At the end of a long days ride, I have had a couple but I already had my tent set up and I wasn't going anywhere til morning.
I rarely drink alcohol anymore. Probably a 6 pack or less a year. I just don't need it. On a hot summers day, a tall glass of ice tea is just fine. But once in a while, I just get a craving for a beer, and a cigarette.
I might find a beer but I don't ever want to start smoking again. But the craving for a smoke pops up every now and then. :D
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Re: Impaired riding

Post by bntyhntr6975 » Wed Dec 23, 2015 3:49 am

This is exactly why I dont participate in most of the poker runs or stuff like that. Ride from bar in 1 town to bar in another, have a few drinks at each stop. Great idea! Even the ones who dont drink are in danger from the others that did. I'm not going to be in the mix.
I'm not against drinking, I do some myself. But usually when I know I'm not going anywhere.

There has been a few occasions that a few of us would go for a ride, have A (as in 1) beer with lunch, then head home after its all settled. Last time we did that, it was 500 miles there, took an hour lunch, then the 500 miles home.

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Re: Impaired riding

Post by maintainer » Wed Dec 23, 2015 7:19 am

Drinking and driving is plain stupid and irresponsible, that being said and believed I used to myself when I was young and bulletproof, a lot.

If thats stupid and irresponsible how much worse is riding and drinking?

Admittedly the potential for loss, injury, or death shifts from shared to pretty much yourself on a bike but still stupid.

The ability to focus and make clear defensive and evasive decisions is much more important when riding.
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Re: Impaired riding

Post by OldZX11Rider » Wed Dec 23, 2015 9:28 am

I reckon like most, when I was young and dumb, it didn't take much booze to make me ten foot tall and bullet proof.
I'm glad I made it to my present age, the only trouble is I just don't heal up as fast as I used to. Aches and pains my parents complained of, I've had for years now.
I don't drink and drive and I'll not drink and ride, and I'll always wear my helmet. Too many horror stories on this website from experienced riders.
Hmmm....I reckon old dogs can learn New tricks! :lol:
For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain:

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Re: Impaired riding

Post by CaNorseman » Mon Jan 04, 2016 5:09 pm

I drink beer... A lot of beer. I learned that driving anything DUI is not worth losing a life or at least your licence.Fines ,jail,guilt are not as fun as riding my Wing anywhere anytime . The drink can wait till camp is set. As for pot, They're impaired.Law enforcement is poorly equipped with training to recognize the symptoms. Health issues of people is also a problem. A middle aged woman hit 7 cars before she stopped at a house she thought was hers. The doctor discovered a very low potassium level. A family member on Prescription meds brought a whole new meaning to a drive through restraunt.. I have a favorite hat " designated drinker, let someone else do the driving"
Kudo's to those that had the will to quit and those that DON'T drive impaired. Im in the later group.

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Re: Impaired riding

Post by OldZX11Rider » Mon Jan 04, 2016 6:09 pm

It's hard to viciously condemn something when you yourself are guilty of committing the same offense. :roll:

I suppose the best I can say is I outgrew it and no longer partake in that kind of activity. Wisdom does come with age. :mrgreen:

This past fall my son was riding his Sportster and his buddy was riding his Road King. Both had been drinking.
At about 1:30 in the morning both crashed.
My son was in front and slowed down to make a right turn off the road into a gas station parking lot. His intoxicated riding buddy forgot he needed fuel and ran into my son's bike.
Neither one was seriously hurt but both bikes were towed off and both of them went to jail.
Right now, they're no longer friends. My son has had to replace his shocks, exhaust pipes, tail light, seat, gas tank and handle bars. His bike will also be getting a new paint job.
He still has this DWI hanging over his head but the worst part, I don't know if he's got any smarter. :roll:
I'll be glad when he outgrows this "badass Harley biker" persona he's trying to be.
For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain:

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Re: Impaired riding

Post by Bunchabull » Mon Jan 04, 2016 6:40 pm

I like my booze. Was a big beer drinker, even brewed my own but gave that up to lose weight. Now I drink a glass or two of wine with meals or afterwards and love a glass of bourbon some nights as I watch the sunset.

However, I never drink while riding, or driving for that matter. I'm fortunate my wife does not drink so she is my designated driver if we take the car. I ride the MC to clear my head. I don't think I could do that loaded on alcohol. I also look at it this way; if you have any alcohol in your system and get into a crash, even if not your fault, in some instances it can be seen as a contributing factor............

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Re: Impaired riding

Post by Viking » Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:30 am

People cannot automatically know better. I know I didn't. I got out of the army in September, 1989, after drinking for most of the time in the army, and set out on my bucket trip to clear my head. I rode 130,000 miles in 13 months before I got home again, fueled on Jack Daniels. Lots of Jack Daniels. I got to every state but three, Hawaii, Maryland and Delaware, all the provinces and two territories, and I have real memories of about half of them. I met an awful lot of nice people, of whom I have little recollection, except for a few. When I left on the trip, I was bat turd nuts, with probably some PTSD to boot, which was why I was on the trip in the first place. I arrived home about half sane at last, in October of 1990, and quit drinking. I have remained sane since then. I've not had a drink since then. I look back and marvel at having made the trip alive. Way back in the past, while still in the army, I had two motorcycle accidents that I was under the influence of alcohol for, but was not cited for it. I also had three other mishaps, for which I was totally sober. All five were shown to be the other vehicles fault, but the two where I was UTI, I am sure I could have avoided or at least partially avoided, if not drinking. As I was not cited, I did not learn anything. I have only learned to think as I do since stopping with the drinking. I fully believe that the drinking had as much to do with my post military insanity as the jobs I did in the army did. I speak only of myself here, as with a history like mine, I have no room to condemn others. When I knew better, I did better.

I did not write in this thread when WingAdmin started it, a year ago, but have decided I am comfortable enough here to do so now. Baring one's soul is tougher than I thought, :lol:
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Re: Impaired riding

Post by jcn59 » Sun Mar 22, 2020 5:40 pm

I remember 45 years ago riding my bike impaired. The road was whipping around like the tail of an angry snake for my six mile drive home. It was NOT a confidence-inspiring feeling. I did the same on the following night and never did it again. I eventually gave up the spirits, concluding that alcohol is a curse on humanity. People drink when it makes them feel good about themselves, until it turns on them, and if they continue (in excess) many eventually suicide.

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