2 1975 Goldwings

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Motorcycle: 1975 gl1000 x2

2 1975 Goldwings

Post by Viol1736 » Fri Apr 13, 2018 5:28 pm

1975 Honda Goldwing Motorcycles x 2

I collect and refurbish vintage motorcycles, my present 2 bikes are 1975 Goldwing motorcycles. First year model for these old school awesome bikes! One of the biggest baddest, most technicality advanced bike of their time. They are un-customized “Naked Goldwings”.

Bike “B”.......This bike is a fine surviving example, suitable for a collection. The bike has only 18,000 plus miles. It is kept perfectly clean. It is started and test run occasionally to verify that everything operates as it can/should. As with most 40 + year old bikes there is always something more to be upgraded. Tires are good, but a new set would be better. It has a fresh tuneup and the fluids have all been changed. All components have been checked, cleaned, repaired and or replaced to keep it 100% road worthy. Has its original tool kit and owners manual. It has not been molested, is mostly original and all year specific parts are stock or OEM replacements. The paint is original with the frame being only touched up for cosmetic purposes. Nothing has been “customized” or modified. While I own it I will continue to improve it, new tires are next on the agenda along with possibly having the gauge faces professionally restored.

Bike“A”......This is a clean good looking 99% stock motorcycle. There are no jerry-rigged or compromised components on this bike. The odometer reads 24,000 plus miles, it’s title states a mileage discrepancy. I was told from the person I purchased it from that the mileage discrepancy was due to a mistake in records with an estate transfer. Aftermarket electronic ignition system and coils being the only non stock items. It runs good. Goes down the road perfectly smooth. 100 % road worthy. All of the mechanical and electrical components are in proper working order. Could use new tires, but they are working fine. The fuel tank is rust free inside. Comes with original tool kit and owners manual. The bikes blue paint is original and has a bit of brake fluid damage to the right shelter cover. Oil and filter have been recently changed.
Bike A Only $3900.

Having owned several I am familiar with all their quirks and know how to and enjoy repairing them. Although not 100 perfect...someone described them as “maintenance hogs” If they are worn out they are hell to refurbish. These far from being worn out.

If you have an interest is owning these bikes for a collection and not just flipping them, send me a message. I’m thinking they should collectively be worth about $10,000

More photos on request...bikes will be available for viewing in North Canton Ohio after Wednesday April 18th.

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