2012 gl1800 sat/nav radio screen went black. please help

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2012 gl1800 sat/nav radio screen went black. please help

Post by tunil » Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:10 pm

Hi All, Ive got a weird one for ya. I was having an issue with my accessory inner trunk light. It wouldnt come on at all, it seemed i was having a power issue. I found a break in the wire near the trunk hinges and repaired it. when i was taping up the repaired wire, the light went out again but i had great continuity through my new solder joint in the wire. It baffled me so I disconnected the broken wire and ran a jumper straight to the battery to supply power to the light to see if it still works, and it turned right on. however, when I powered the light seperately, the sat/nav screen went blank. So I connected the wire for the light back together and the sat/nav came back on. however it would go black when i shut the trunk lid. I know the trunk lid has a switch that turns off the light when I close the lid. Now, no matter what I do I cannot get my screen to light back up. I cannot find the manual cheap online for the wiring diagram. I also cant imagine why the sat/nav screen would have anything to do with the accessory trunk light that plugs directly into the stock harness. Maybe a bad ground or short somewhere. Please help. Any suggestions are greatly appreceiated. Thanks

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Re: 2012 gl1800 sat/nav radio screen went black. please help

Post by Techdude2000 » Thu Jul 05, 2018 8:15 pm

The red/yellow wire is the power wire for your trunk light and it’s also the battery backup power for the memory circuits in the nav unit. You should investigate this wire and the trunk switch further, maybe it’s broken in more than one place. Usually there will be more than one wire broken in the hinge harness as well. Make sure the fuse labeled “battery” is not blown.

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