Restoring my Torq Master Exhaust

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Restoring my Torq Master Exhaust

Post by GillesGLW » Sun Jul 08, 2018 1:59 pm

Greetings from Switzerland!

I've been away for a while, busy with the family and the job. No time to ride the bike and when being on the bike, it was not for more than 2 hours.

Last winter I've noticed that my Daytona exhaust (from Torq Master) was rusting and I decided to give it a fresh look. Not knowing what was inside, I decided to take each baffle out and checck the damage done.

At the end, the rust made a small hole that I've been able to fill with some "ready to use" stuff that my garage gave me. Not sure what it is, but one it dries, it's hard like a stone.

Anyway... each muffler was full of rust and the base of the exhaust as well. So I went for some manual work, removing the rust and painting some parts of the exhaust in black. This will allow some additional protection.

As the mufflers were in a pretty bad shape, I remove the rust and painted them as well. Put some new "wool" (I let you find the appropriate name) and that was it.

You will see below a few pics of the job.

Now I have a question: as I changed the collector for the follwing one from Black Widow Exhaust ( ... -222-p.asp), I have to admit that my GL1500 is quite noisy.

Did anyone try to use Torq Master Exhaust with the standard collector?

Thanks for your reply!

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