1976 K1 Parts needed in UK ...

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1976 K1 Parts needed in UK ...

Post by Goldwing7777 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:50 pm

My basket-case '76 (6 large boxes of bits plus a frame) was just possibly a mistake (it was described as a "complete bike" ... ) but I was keen to resurrect an early 'naked' Wing.

Whoever stripped it down looks like having 'mislaid a box of parts' to put it kindly.

Some I've already located and bought from eBay.
Some I've bought new [parts like gasket set, thermostat, tacho & speedo cables, starter rollers/springs, rear light, centrestand tube, stainless exhaust studs, points, starter chain, etc.]

Maddening thing is the large number of small parts 'gone missing'...
Is there anyone in the UK who has boxes of small used odds left over from early Wings ? [Obviously I'm willing to pay ...]

Parts like :-
All the half-clips for ball races
All the hollow dowels [except the 2 on the water pump front cover ... and that is only because I bought a better cover]
2x springs taken from an A/R unit [??? ... why ?]
Grille for rad.
Oil jets x2 for cylinder heads
Top nut for 1 fork [got one only ...]
Top nut & washer for triple tree [found the rest...]
Starter sprocket [ just bought a new DID chain]
Warning buzzer for indicators
Complete choke cable
Spacer for pump housing to crankcase
Just one of the 3 long starter motor bolts ... [again ... why???]
Petrol tank filler & seal
Fuel filter clamp

Bigger bits :-
Front mudguard
Speedo drive assembly
Throttle and cables, switch assy., master cyl.
All 3 brake calipers [obviously I'll overhaul them]
Rear master cylinder [ again for overhaul ]
Maybe an original usable exhaust system ? [only Maybe because I could buy a stainless steel system if pushed]

I'll probably find more ...

Sincere thanks if you can [or you know anyone who can] help .....................

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