why I choose a car tire

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muddy 456
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why I choose a car tire

Post by muddy 456 » Sun Aug 12, 2018 4:03 pm

I sold my 1983 gl 1100,and about 3 years later I bought a 2013 f6b.I knew I would need a new rear tire soon,so before I even rode it once I had a ct put on.This is to tell of why and the result of that is.I did the research and found mt folk were adamantly against anything but a mt,stating mt are made for motorcycles anything else is stupid. My thought was yes ,but I also run into the same type of riders that say only Harley is the way to go for a ride.Then I found some Harley riders also used ct.So I choose a ct thinking I would try it to see for myself.My decision came as how I ride I am no longer scrapping on every turn my style now is easy so the ct worked out good,but if someone still wants to always take your bike to the edge yes use a mt.I have more than 10,000 miles on this tire, my first lesson I need to feel it out ,how it did all types of weather. My only concern that I always keep in mind when ridding I cannot keep a perfect curve,meaning the flex takes more adjusting.I don't list this as bad just different. As I also needed to get used to a bigger bike this all worked out for me. I look for honest feedback.

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Re: why I choose a car tire

Post by AZgl1800 » Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:33 pm

If you choose one of the car tires with a more rounded profile, and you keep it pressured up in the 40-55 psi range, it is hard to tell that you are not using a "motorcycle tire".

the flatter profiles though have a bad tendency to want to climb out of ruts, but at the same time, they totally ignore Tar Snakes.

The E3 tires I used to run were dangerous on wet surfaces, and where there is sand/gravel on the road.

The Michelin RF ZP that I using now, does not slip on wet surfaces... ( full throttle in low gears, yes )

When aired up to 45 psi it feels like a normal tire to me, let it get down around 34 psi and it feels bad, bad enough to make you wonder WTH is going on here?

For me? The reason is Safety, it won't leave me in a lurch if it looses air....
it is rated for 50 miles w/o air on a car, at slow speeds of course.

And it got rid of that dangerous E3 tendency to slide out sideways on wet surfaces at 50 mph in 5th gear, when I want to pass a semi and get around him quick. My first experience with that was on I-44 when a sudden rainshower left a lot of water on the road, and the semi throwing up spray far enough to cover my lane to the left of him.

I hit the throttle on that E3 and it went sideways now............. that ended the E3 for me, I ordered a Michelin that same day.

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Re: why I choose a car tire

Post by Alan_Hepburn » Mon Aug 13, 2018 12:25 pm

Why did I choose a car tire? Well, with a sidecar rig I don't have to worry about the bike leaning in corners - it stays upright, just like a car, so it makes sense to use a car tire for the mileage gains. Sidecars tend to put a lot of wear on the pusher tire, so the longer the tire lasts the better it is for my wallet!
Alan Hepburn - San Jose, Ca
1994 GL1500SE with a California Sidecar

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