Brake pads for EML brakes

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Brake pads for EML brakes

Post by ontheside » Sun Sep 02, 2018 3:27 am

Greetings from central France, its a lovely September morning and I look forward to a great ride out on the Wing today. In the 1980's EML were one of the leading manufactures of sidecars and associated parts and many were sold in the USA including brake calipers and discs but the company closed and parts were difficult if not impossible to find. The new EML company has no connection with the old if you do an internet search. My 1980 GL1100 is fitted with an EML chair, leading link front forks and associated EML brakes and the brake pads are not available from any source I could find until recently when I discovered a local source hare in France and Holland. The sidecar disc caliper takes 'Bendix' pads, and these are listed in an old catalogue I discovered in a local motorcycle repair shop. The EML calipers on the front of my bike are special so not listed anywhere BUT I have discovered that these can be fitted with new pad material in Holland. I am just about to send off some old worn out pads and will report on the new pads when they arrive. In the meantime if anyone needs any info please contact me via our website

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Re: Brake pads for EML brakes

Post by Big Blue UK » Mon Sep 03, 2018 4:07 pm

Appleyards Goldwing centre are the UK's leading GoldWing EML trike conversion centre. ... ing-centre
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