95 Interstate problems

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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95 Interstate problems

Post by saywen63 » Thu Sep 06, 2018 2:51 pm

I have a friend who bought a 1995 1500 Interstate this spring . He has had a reacuring problem with the bike from the first day he bought it !
It misfires and coughs between 800 and 3000 rpm .
We were on a trip one day and the bike stopped charging . We pushed it to get it going . it fired up and we got the bike home . He called the dealership and they sent him a new dyno and battery but to no avail . bike was still not running right .
He drove it for a while , but the problem would not go away . He returned the bike to the dealership where he bought it and they tore apart the carbs to check if there was anything wrong with them .
While they had the carbs out they found a vacume hose that was flatened . Replaced the hose , remounted the carbs and the bike still coughs and spits .
And the weird thing is that the bike will run great one day and the next day were back to the same problem again .
After talking to the dealer again , he is now thinking it might be the driving and steering unit that is the problem or temp sensor air inlet, or ?? .
Has anyone had these problems with their wings before ? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thankful wingers from Norway

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Re: 95 Interstate problems

Post by bluthundr31 » Thu Sep 06, 2018 4:16 pm

All you NEED is fuel, air, and spark (in the right amounts) for these bikes to purr like kittens.

I would be tempted to check spark first. Remove the left hand lower cover(just above/behind the shifter) and find plug #6, because it is the easiest spark plug to get to. Check for spark there by cranking with the plug grounded on metal. If spark is OK I'd check fuel next, , ,

Remove/change the fuel filter, after you make sure the fuel pump is working. There's an easy method to ensure it runs and pumps the correct volume of fuel. If the fuel pump AND the fuel filter are alright, try by-passing the fuel "petkok" (sp) and see if it runs correctly. The rubber diaphragms will occasionally leak and cause a problem for the carbs getting the fuel. If it still runs poorly, (I hate this part cuz I'm no good at tracking a leak down), focus on a vacuum leak or a clogged air filter.

The coughing/spitting at 800-3k rpm comment originally made me think of fouled spark plugs. Its a possibility too.

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Re: 95 Interstate problems

Post by ct1500 » Thu Sep 06, 2018 4:17 pm

There is no clear cut easy answer 90% of the time when trying to track down a driveability concern on the 1500. For a successful repair one needs to diagnose the condition to a particular component or system as to the cause.

For starters one should always do a compression test on an engine especially when it has never run correctly to a new owner. Spark plug and plug wire conditions is high on the list of checks along with fuel pump pressure, petcock, fuel and air filter conditions. Then move on to a cylinder power balance test by removing individual plug wires. Then note carb conditions by watching for proper operation of main jet and secondary main circuits doing rich/lean tests of each bank of cylinders and looking for vacuum leak problems along with problems from emission control devices like the Air Jet Controllers and Shot Air system. Verifying proper vacuum hose routing/attachment of the entire engine is another important step.

One has to go step by step by step checking everything along the way. Here is a quick how to.
https://www.goldwingfacts.com/forums/2- ... -test.html
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