Seat/saddle rental or try before you buy?

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Seat/saddle rental or try before you buy?

Post by Stew » Fri Sep 07, 2018 7:33 pm

So I'm in the process of talking myself into an aftermarket seat and was thinking it would be great if there was any kind of place where you could rent them for a few days to try them out. Some of them, Corbin for example, are a chunk of change but would be worth every penny if comfortable for long distances, it would be nice to be able to confirm this before laying out the dough for one.

Meeting up with someone to sit on their bike with a seat you might be considering, such as a Corbin, would only give you an idea of it's seating position, unfortunately it would take a long ride to know for sure if it was going to work out.

Anyone heard of anyplace that does this? I'm just now researching all the replacement options and there are several out there.


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Re: Seat/saddle rental or try before you buy?

Post by Andy Cote » Sat Sep 08, 2018 9:08 am

All of them are a chunk of change.

Ultimate will give a refund after 14 days. Russell I think is full refund up to 8 months. Read their rules and exclusions carefully.

I also know guys that have seen vendors set up at rallies, installed new seats and returned them before the rally was over. I can't remember the brands. Mustang maybe? But rally displays probably don't carry seats for the GL1500 any more.

Another technique would be to watch all your local dealers for a used bike with aftermarket seat and if you see one take it for a test ride. Viability of this depends on where you live and volume of used bikes.

What I have done is watch classified for used seats. I bought two used seats for my GL1500. Hartco which I didn't care for and Ultimate that I loved. Sold each later for what I had paid so no loss.
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Re: Seat/saddle rental or try before you buy?

Post by newday777 » Tue Sep 18, 2018 6:33 am

Unfortunately no rentals of seats out there, but as Andy said there are return refunds offered by some of the seat manufacturers.
Most folks that have reported the likes of the Ultimate brand and the Russell brand seats have high reguards for them.
Check their websites.

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