Honda OEM Lock-nut Wrenches

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Honda OEM Lock-nut Wrenches

Post by rickw » Sat Oct 13, 2018 12:01 pm

I had shift problems last year with my 2006 GL1800. After a little research, I figured it probably won't be too difficult to find and repair. After some more (thorough) research, I found I did not have the space, or time, to get this far into the transmission. However, in the meantime, I (stupidly) purchased a (very) few of the tools to get started. :oops:

I have the following lock-nut wrenches I would like to sell. They have never been out of the packaging I received them in, and are priced below my original cost and well below current prices:

Honda Lock Nut Wrench, Part # 07GMA-KT7A200 $50.00

Honda Lock Nut Wrench, 30 x 64 mm, Part # 07916-MB00002 $150.00

Honda Lock Nut Wrench, 20 mm, Part # 07VMA-MBB0101 $90.00

U.S. Domestic Flat-Rate shipping for all is: $13.65

If sold separately, cost for Flat-Rate shipping is $7.20 each, except for Part # 07916-MB00002, which is still $13.65, due to its size (will not fit in a smaller box).

Sadly. I can only provide shipping within the U.S. :(

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