What do all these little icons mean?

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What do all these little icons mean?

Post by WingAdmin » Thu Nov 08, 2018 9:17 pm

I had someone ask me this question today: What do all the little icons next to posts mean?

I thought I would cover it for everyone.


Each forum has a different subject that it covers, and is made up of individual topics.

A forum that has no unread posts (you've read through everything) shows up blue:

A forum that has new posts in it that you have not yet red shows up red:

A forum that has at least one subforum (i.e. our GL1800 forum also contains a GL1800 DIY forum) shows a small circle in the corner as well:


Topics are contained inside a forum, and are made up of individual posts.

A regular topic is a blue circle with lines inside of it. This is a topic that you have already read, and no new posts have been made since you last read it:

If a topic has had new posts made in it since you last read it, it will be shown in red instead of blue:

If you have written at least one post in the topic (including having started the topic), a small star will show in the top right:

A topic that is very popular (getting a lot of reads and/or posts) changes from lines to fire:

And of course, if the popular topic has new posts since you read it last, and you have made at least one post, it will show red, with a star in the corner:

A topic that has been moved from the forum you're currently in into a different forum has a small arrow:

Topics that are "sticky" - which means they always show up at the top of the list have a different symbol:

And lastly, topics that are information topics, like this one, show up with an small "i" in the circle:

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