Installing Inferno Heated grips 2008 GL 1800

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Installing Inferno Heated grips 2008 GL 1800

Post by ron203 » Sat Dec 01, 2018 3:44 pm

So to finish a question I "inserted" in another thread: "Is there a power plug on the right side for grips on an '08 GL 1800?

I installed Inferno Heated Grips on my "new to me" 2008 GL 1800 which came without OEM heated grips (unless the previous owner removed them. If he did, he took the control switch too and replaced it with a blank. I'm thinking there never was one). I thought I'd post a brief description of the process since I could find no other specific thread about it for this model. When all was said and done, it was quite simple, which may be why no one has bothered to write it up. There was one missing piece that I needed to find.

Seems the OEM wiring harness behind the right front pocket (the one which is keyed) has a quick connect in a boot that no one seems to ever mention. The LEFT pocket has one which is well known and which many use to install a power plug. I did too. No such plug seemed to be planned on the right. I pulled the trim piece on the fairing, the pocket itself, and the key/switch panel at the driver's knee position. ere on the left behind the glove box, in a rubber boot, is a red plug, but it's VERY hard to get out far enough to work with or to get two big hands in there. If Honda had given us two more inches of wiring, it would have been easy, but NO....

Remove the pocket and panel which has the key mechanism (and where the OEM heated grip controls go) and you can JUST manage to get the plug and hold it long enough to connect into it.

Remove the weights and grips. I cut off the throttle side grip since the Inferno grip comes with a large enough inside diameter to slip on over the throttle tube. The grip is glued to the tube but if you slice it lengthwise, it peels off easily. Clean the tube, check the grip for length and fit, slide it about 3/4 on, then glue it with the included glue. Pull the clutch side, clean the clutch bar, check the grip fit, slide almost on, glue it and quickly slide it home, leaving a small gap at the end. Make sure you position the electrical wires where you want them on both sides before applying glue.

Route the wires, check handlebar free play (side to side) many times, plug wires up, zip tie neatly. Figure out where you want the controller, fit it, (check the handlebar play), glue that.

Hit the electrical "on" and make sure the grips heat. The instructions say let the glue dry 48 hours.

Did NOT have to remove the control module on the right handlebar using this kit. For what it's worth. Just thought I'd pay back a little of the education I've gotten here. Thank you all!

Done. There you go in case anyone else happens to want to know how to do this. The instructions are good, and like I said, the only piece I had to really search for was whether or not there was a plug & play connection on the right side. Mine has one.

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