Oil and valves

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2018+)
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Oil and valves

Post by Redwing822 » Wed Jan 02, 2019 7:12 pm

New goldwing owner here and thank you for help and advice.

I’ve always run diesel oil such as Delo 400 or Rotella T 15W40 in my VTX1300 successfully. I was wondering if the wing would be ok using diesel oil in an appropriate weight as well, maybe 5W40? I can’t help but think there’s nothing special about the Honda GN4 oil, other than the brand name on the bottle and the lack of the words “resource conserving” on the label. Favorite oil topic is like best tire and pickup brand, so hoping to not start something. I appreciate the voices of experience always.

Do I need to get my valves periodically adjusted on the 2018 wing? If so, can I do them myself or are they those irritating bucket and shim types where you need the special $50.00 Honda tapped depressor tool?


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