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Post by bluthundr31 » Mon Apr 08, 2019 4:27 pm

This is a panel that replaces the OEM ignition panel on all GL1500's, and attaches to the centershelter with two "bosses" through rubber grommets. The "KEY" features about this panel is that its a direct replacement so no modifications to your existing equipment, and it has two "nodes" facing the rider which will fit 2" gauges, such as voltmeters, oil pressure, coolant temp, ambient temp, clock, USB ports, lighter plugs, and MANY MANY more farkles!!

After a few months worth of contacting about 2 dozen "vendors", I chose to deal with an outfit here in the United States to do the work and bring this panel "back to life" after Firecreek Accessories terminated their involvement with them.

They cost me $132.00 per panel and that is what I have offered them to the members for. Shipping by USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Medium box has been very reliable but USPS raised their fee from $13.65 to $14.35, so MY shipping cost will be higher, THAT means the total cost to the members is $146.35

I purchased a small amount of "gauge visors" from Airtech Fabricators to include with the purchase of a panel, for a small additional cost ($16.50).

All "reviews" welcome, ,there could be issues that I, , , A) didn't realize, or B) thought was handled by the vendor.

This is the panel without the "gauge visor"

This is the panel WITH the "gauge visor"

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