Fully Synthetic Oil???

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Re: Fully Synthetic Oil???

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cbx4evr wrote:
rlsapp wrote:I have been using Mobile 1 fully synthetic oil. Now that the price of oil have increased, (with everything else) the oil changing has gotten expensive

What is the price of oil there?? I was in the USA last summer and nearly choked on how cheap oil was. I live 20 minutes from a huge oil refinery and we are paying $40+ for a 4 litre jug of Mobil 1.

Oil refineries have no influence on the price of synthetic lubricants. In fact, most oil refineries do not make lube oils at all. They are produced by small lubricant processing plants that are usually separate from the refineries. Synthetics are made in small chemical plants. Oil refineries make motor fuels, LPG, and asphalt.


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Re: Fully Synthetic Oil???

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I've been a faithful Honda brand oil user for years but I'm giving in. I'm switching to Rottella T6 full synthetic. It's jaso ma rated. I purchased a gallon jug today at a farm supply store for $17 for a gallon jug.

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Re: Fully Synthetic Oil???

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I have switched to fully synthetic in cars and bike. I really do not see that it is that much more expensive. Cheapest price around here is at Walmart. Also, by using fully synthetic, I can safely go longer between oil changes.

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