RAM Mount GDS Dock Handlebar Phone Mount

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Re: RAM Mount GDS Dock Handlebar Mount

Post by 2003Cobra »

I also have the Tacfoam and have not had an issue. Mine came with the tether, just in case, but I have ridden over some pretty bumpy roads and the phone hasn't move at all. It is easy to take on and off even with the tether.

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Re: RAM Mount GDS Dock Handlebar Mount

Post by AZgl1800 »

I still have the RAM X-Grip on the left handlebar clutch mount.
its' only purpose now, is a place to hang my helmet sock to dry out in between uses.

spreading the helmet sock out over the X-grip allows it to dry in the length of time, it takes to go inside, drain my radiator, grab a bite to munch on, and a soft drink for caffeine purposes.

My GPS is center mounted between the handlebar grips via RAM mount adapters.
the cellphone is never used any more while riding, it stays in my pocket so it can't get lost.

Since this thread started, my Note4 died a soft death, I replaced it with a Note8.
very satisfied, with it, much faster processor and it has never had a problem..

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Re: RAM Mount GDS Dock Handlebar Mount

Post by WingAdmin »

Corkster52 wrote: Sat Jan 11, 2020 11:45 am I experimented with a number of them but ended up making a hybrid of sorts from several of them. The old Ram case that I had was the perfect width but wasn't tall enough, so I scrapped the top half and just used the bottom. I don't really trust holders that just hold onto the sides because I have had them come loose. I like the phone to nest on something. Since I no longer had anything to hold down into the bottom hooks I used the rubber hold-downs that were in on an old X style holder.
If you look at my review of that unit, I show how you can easily adjust the top piece to fit larger phones.
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Re: RAM Mount GDS Dock Handlebar Mount

Post by seabeechief »

AZgl1800 wrote: Fri May 31, 2019 1:14 pm Installed the Android Auto app.

reading customer reviews, it seems to have some idiosyncrasies that annoy a lot of people.
One such, is the Screen must be 'ON' to receive Notifications?? ( my Note 4 does not )

You mention 'Power up', does that mean the S7 you are using does not have an Internal Battery anymore? ( the S7 has had a mixed review in the past with battery failures )

Have you ever used the Note 4 or equivalent, is the S7 any better?
the Note 4 is restricted to Android 6.x now

a question on Data Consumption. How heavy is this effecting your Data Plan?

Verizon is stingy with Data, the max they allow me on Shared Family data is 8gB
that is damn near nothing in today's world.
and they don't allow Hotspots to have Unlimited data at all, on any plan that I can ascertain... spent a lot of time last night trying to get more data, I am down to 700KBytes left for the next 25 days. ??
AZgl1800; if you have Spectrum in your area, I will highly recommend their cell phone service. For a minimum gig (sorry I don't recall how much, but I seldom use it all) you can get it for $14.00 per month, all taxes included. Unlimited Data is $45.00, all taxes included. We were really anxious about quitting our overpriced and unreliable Verizon account, but I have never regretted it.

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Re: RAM Mount GDS Dock Handlebar Phone Mount

Post by ChrstphrM »


Here is my Ram Mount solution for a Phone, a GPS, or any other similar accessory.
It can easily be removed and the shelter badge can be returned to its original appearance.
The only permanent alteration you will make is carefully drilling two holes for your mounting screws through the black plate which is normally behind the Logo portion of the shelter badge. If you decide to return the shelter badge to its original appearance, those holes will be hidden behind the logo badge.


$10.00 EBAY 88-2000 Honda Goldwing GL1500 Upper Shelter Badge
If you are careful, you can actually use the original assembly from your own Goldwing and it can be returned to its original appearance without issue.
I only bought a second one so I could experiment without worry. Again, buying one of these is not absolutely required. Look at that, I already saved you 10 bucks!

$ 6.99 AMAZON Ram Mount (RAM-B-238U) 2.43 x 1.31-Inch Diamond Ball Base with 1-Inch Ball (Black)

$ 9.49 AMAZON Ram Mount Composite Short Double Socket Arm for 1-Inch Ball Bases

$29.99 AMAZON TACKFORM Motorcycle Phone Mount
1" Ball Connection - Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Phone Holder. Compatible with RAM and ARKON 1 Inch Ball System. NO TETHER NEEDED, but they include one anyway.


[ ] Gently pop off your shelter cover and flip it over. No tools are required to remove the shelter cover.
[ ] Remove the 2 Philips head screws that hold the shelter badge assembly in place.

[ ] Remove the shelter badge assembly.

[ ] Using a sharp knife, carefully trim off the bottom of the 4 posts that act as plastic rivets.
Note that the gold ring actually has a black flange.
[ ] Again with a sharp knife, carefully split the gold ring (with flange) away from the base.
Remember, the black part of the bezel is what splits apart - not the gold ring itself.

[ ] After you have split the assembly into three parts, put the two required parts back together but without the actual logo badge.
[ ] Store the logo badge so you can return the shelter badge to its original appearance later if desired.

[ ] Using the Ram mount as a guide, drill the 2 required holes in the black plate portion of the shelter badge assembly.
[ ] Attach the ram mount with 2 small nuts and bolts with lock washers.
You may want to use a Dremel tool to sand down either the ram mount or the lip on the black plate portion of the shelter badge assembly for a perfect fit.
It is hard to describe what I mean here, but you'll understand when you drill the holes and go to add the Ram mount.
[ ] Re-attach the entire new assembly with the ram mount to the shelter and snap the shelter back on your Goldwing.

[ ] Finally, attach the Ram Arm and Phone Mount adjusting it as desired.


This system works perfectly.
Your Phone, a GPS, or any other similar accessory will not fall out regardless of how hard you hit bumps.
And best of all, the shelter badge can be returned to its original appearance.
What more could you want?
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Re: RAM Mount GDS Dock Handlebar Phone Mount

Post by marks146 »

And they're sold out without any replenishment date.

Currently unavailable.
We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.

-- Mark

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