GL1100 Rear Brake Master Cylinder

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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GL1100 Rear Brake Master Cylinder

Post by gbh679 » Sun Jun 09, 2019 1:49 pm


Just following up on some older discussions about replacement rear master cylinders having tried 3 second hand GL1100 ones that have all been crap I’m currently messing about with one from a 2000 CBR600F.

Perilously close to fitting (see attached photo) with a 1inch bracket and hole drilled through the original mount (which I’m not drilling until I have put fluid in and tried it).

Anybody tried one of these?



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Re: GL1100 Rear Brake Master Cylinder

Post by Deaf4Jesus » Sun Jun 09, 2019 9:09 pm

Don't put make shift parts on your Goldwing. Nothing works like the factory design.

I found out the expensive and hard way. 1983 GL1100 Master Cylinder are rare and hard to find. Five years ago I took my 83 Goldwing to a local cycle shop for new rotors. Our local Honda dealer said they don't work on any bike older than 20 years. The shop manager told me a price of three rotors installed and I would have it back in two days. Apparently the shop didn't have a Goldwing mechanic. After 5 weeks and $1,200 I had brakes and had to sign a wavier the shop wasn't responsible for any brake failure.

After the shop replaced all my rotors they said the brake petal was weak. They rebuilt all my brake cylinders. Still they said the brake petal was weak so they was going to rebuilt the master cylinder. The shop broke my master cylinder housing and couldn't find another one. I searched all our cycle shops in the city and online. No place had a 83 GL master cylinder.

The shop put a Kawasaki single master cylinder on with a make shift lines. Goldwing Master Cylinder sends fluid to rear and front brakes. Still had a weak petal but I could stop if I rode slow and pumped the petal. A month later the rear pads wasn't releasing and my bike came to a slow halt with burning brake pads. I let them cooled then rode home very slowly. Very upset with the cycle shop because they said they refused to repair their work at no cost. I was ready to sell my 83 at any cost to the first buyer.

Our local Honda dealer gave me a name of a former Goldwing mechanic who is retired. I called the gentleman who lived about two miles from my home. He helped me find a 83 GL master cylinder on Ebay. He replaced all the wrong brake lines and used master cylinder. He also worked on my bike on items he felt needed attention. (wish I knew this mechanic when I bought the Goldwing back in 2000)

My 83 Goldwing of 66,000 actual miles came back to life. Felt like a new bike. We became friends and had taken several trips together in groups.

I learned my lesson. Only original master cylinder housing works best and not any band-aid fix. If my new friend retires totally and quit working on Goldwings then I'll sell my bike and buy a newer one the dealer can work on. I don't want to experience poor workmanship from any cycle shop anymore whom they talk the talk but can't walk the walk. Use the right parts on your older Goldwing and you'll have a safer bike and longer life.

Pastor for Deaf

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