Buyers Remorse?

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Buyers Remorse?

Post by zeoran » Fri Jul 05, 2019 10:03 am

I just started a new job that's 40 miles away from me and the daily commute was killing me and my crappy car. So I went looking for a new motorcycle to buy. It's been 25 years since I last rode my '82 Goldwing Interstate, but I still had my class m. My budget was only $2,500 and I needed something reliable and cheap to maintain but I'll never ride a crotch rocket. I found an '84 Goldwing Interstate ... 73483.html as well as a 2002 Honda ST1100. The ST1100 was a lot closer and I never got a reply to my first email to the guy with the Goldwing, so I took a look at the ST1100 and it was in great condition, had recently had a bunch of good maintenance done, took a test ride and everything seemed great, so I bought it. I've ridden it a while now and I just rode it to work for the first time. Thing is, I can't help but keep comparing it to my Goldwing. And I'm wondering if I should have pursued a 1984 Goldwing Interstate that was also $2,500, it was just a lot further away from me. The bike I bought has one major problem, the guy cut the windshield from the stock 16" to 12". I guess he preferred having the wind in his face. I don't. So I bought a new windshield that's 20" but that won't arrive until next week. I got a new helmet, now I just need to get a headset to go in it. I'm planning on getting the Cardo Packtalk Slim based on the research I've done. I can get an older Cardo unit for my son's helmet so we can talk/etc on the few times he rides with me. I've also got a better jacket, gloves and cover coming in the new few days. I know the Goldwing would have been more expensive to repair, I don't know what condition that '84 was in, I couldn't afford anything higher than $2,500, it gets worse gas mileage, etc. I just can't seem to stop myself from comparing. The main difference is how I sit during the ride. With the Goldwing, I was always sitting up straight and even had a backrest, so it was always a very comfortable ride. I'm not saying the ST1100 is uncomfortable perse', but I'm riding more leaning forward, not as far as if I was on a crotch rocket, but I'm not sitting up, like on a Goldwing. I'm sure it will get better as I get used to riding in general and riding the ST1100 specifically. I'm also sure the extra 8" on the windshield will make a big difference. So should having a good jacket, gloves, and a headset. I appreciate all your feedback and would love to keep getting more. One thing I haven't been able to find, even with the manual, is the low fuel switch. My Goldwing had a switch that when the gas was low, I would switch and it was like a reserve tank or something. I don't seem to have one on the ST1100 unless I'm missing something.


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