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Coming Home

Post by RockportDave » Thu Aug 01, 2019 10:51 pm

I have worked in the heavy construction industry for 40 years, most of them traveling and working away from home. After the youngest daughter got married, the wife and I spent about 5 years living in our RV going wherever the company sent us and enjoyed the time together. Her parents were staying in our home and kept it up while we were away.
6 years ago I was assigned to a project in South Texas for a little over a year and while here, we decided we liked the area and bought a second home. 3 weeks after we moved in, I was assigned to a project about 3 hours away for about a year. The wife decided to stay home, but would visit me often wherever I was so we could “see the sights” of the area. I came home most weekends to help keep up with the chores.
I was assigned to another project about 2 1/2 hours in another direction for about a year then assigned to a project in Maryland for 4 months with flights home once a month for 4 days. The nice thing about that project was I stayed with our middle daughter and three of our grandkids.
I was reassigned back to the project before Maryland for a little over a year, then sent to our home office 3 1/2 hours away for about 5 months. I was able to come home for two months (my next project assignment is here) and back to the home office for a month and a half for more planning.
Finally in two weeks I will be home for two years. This doesn’t happen often in our line of work.
I plan to retire in about 6 years and only travel when and where we decide to travel. In the last 4 years I have put over 110,000 miles on my truck. I have spent most of the past 16 years living in our current RV, worn out 3 other trucks and flown more miles than I care to remember.
Now if I could figure out a way to prolong this project for the next 6 years...

1999 GL1500SE 5th Goldwing through the years

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