Radio controls inop with engine running

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Radio controls inop with engine running

Post by rick78efi460 » Fri Aug 02, 2019 11:34 pm

My radio controls work fine with the key in the accessory position, but when I start the bike I only have volume control. I cannot choose between FM/AM/AUX, I cannot change channels, and sometimes the volume just drops to nothing. None of these problems exist with the engine off, it all works fine. I did clean the battery terminals. What circuit is different from key on engine running , and accessory? If I switch the radio to FM in ACC then start the bike I can listen to that one station. If I want any other function I need to switch to ACC , chose the function then start the engine. The controls on the dash and handlebars work the same way. Any ideas?

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Re: Radio controls inop with engine running

Post by marshallscottw8758 » Wed Aug 14, 2019 6:02 pm

I assure you I will probably be corrected shortly but from my experience and understanding, the 12v Rectifier enables instrument and accessory function with bike not running. While its running the stator provides power moreso if not completely instead or along with the battery. My opinion is in the wiring
. Does all fuses meet required amperage? What you've described I've seen happen.when a started and running goldwings battery positive cable is removed.

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Re: Radio controls inop with engine running

Post by Terry D » Tue Aug 27, 2019 12:00 am

I had something interesting happen to me, yesterday on my way to Round Rock, Texas from San Antonio, Texas (120 miles). I was listening to my Flash Drive (J & M) replacement kit for the CD Player through my Sena 20S and Sena Freewire Bluetooth system. About halfway, I lost all audio control buttons and the audio screen went blank. I own a 2005. I could still hear the music but could not raise or lower volume, change tracks, nor even switch to AM or FM. At first I thought my passenger switch for the volume control unit mounted under right rear storage compartment was stuck in the in position. This happened once before. So when I got to my son's house, we pulled the seat and disconnected that stock accessory. That was not the problem. So, I pulled each fuse and checked them with an OHM meter and reinstalled them. Viola!! That worked. Now I could switch from CD to FM, raise or lower volume, etc., etc. And now I could see on the screen what was on or off and the volume levels. The funny thing is, I never lost the screen entirely. I was still able to see the odometer, Trip, see the outside temp when I pushed the DISP button and even when stopped could read the Rear Shock up/down levels. Just the audio was affected and pulling just the audio fuse and reinstalling it by itself at first didn't fix the problem. I will say this. Once I turned the bike off, I no longer even had the CD music. While the Audio was NOT being controlled, I still had GPS and phone control through the Bluetooth system. I am thinking that the fuses are all probably stock since 2005 and needed their contact points cleaned and my taking each one out and putting them back in scrapped their surface just enough to make them work, again. So, today, I took them all out again. Cleaned them really well, and sprayed cleaner onto the fuse box contacts and put all fuses back in. Maybe I can now get another 14 years worth out of them.

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