Side Mirror About to Fall Off - Sol'n ?

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Side Mirror About to Fall Off - Sol'n ?

Post by CoachP7 » Thu Sep 12, 2019 8:39 am

Has anyone had any issues with their side mirrors becoming "loose" and tried to re-fasten or re-attach securely ?

I've Google and YTube searched extensively but there's not a lot out there. My left mirror got loose. The three screws that secure the mirror housing to the pivoting knuckle came loose - essentially stripped out of the mirror's plastic anchoring base. So, I tried to put in three newer (larger) screws with the hopes of "grabbing" enough of the mirror's plastic to firmly hold it in place. But, after about an hour's worth of riding, the road vibration was too much and they've since let loose.

Short of buying two new mirror housings (for both sides so they match), has anyone come across this similar problem and what did you do ?

My next step will be to try to "build up" around the holes in the mirror base with fibreglass and resin OR contact cement so that the screws (next time) will have more of a solid base to grab on to. I may even try to find the smallest drywall plug (anchor) I can find to fit in the new built up holes, Krazy Glue them so they don't move and then try some screws to see if it will all grab and hold.

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Re: Side Mirror About to Fall Off - Sol'n ?

Post by bluthundr31 » Fri Sep 13, 2019 2:23 am

My right mirror is vibrating more than the left mirror so I've been wondering how to resolve the issue before it falls off completely.

I wonder, , , if the threaded plastic "sleeve" becomes stipped so the bolt won't seat properly, and tighten the mirror to stop the vibration, , maybe it would be possible to put a LONGER bolt of the same diameter through and a lock-washer and locking nut on the inside of the fairing. It looks like if you remove the turn signal housing, you can get access to the area of the mounting bolts. Additionally removing the "pockets" will give you access to the inside of the fairing although its a bit lower than the turn signal "cut-out". The bolt/washer/nut would be hidden inside the fairing. I think I would rather drill out three "through" holes than deal with mixing/adding adhesives that might be more susceptible to vibration failure. It would be a lot less expensive than two new mirror assemblies too, , , ,

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Re: Side Mirror About to Fall Off - Sol'n ?

Post by dingdong » Sat Sep 14, 2019 9:17 am

Take a look at this thread.

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