Winter store...

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Winter store...

Post by tj5iveo »

Hello. Currently have brand new 2016 GL1800. Have had wings for years and have done normal storage things, clean, oil, preservatives, etc. Upon reading posts recently, I was wondering about this. Is it ok to leave the bike on the center stand and the front wheel on the concrete floor? Or can I perhaps place supports under the the frame portion elevating the front wheel free? Or place piece of wood under the front tire?

And moth balls under the bike after it has a full cover?

Thanx, Safe riding to all...


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Re: Winter store...

Post by keithg64 »

It is definitely ok to leave your bike on the center stand. I have a spare scissor jack that I put under the front of the bike to lift the front wheel and a small piece of wood or cardboard is perfectly fine also.
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Re: Winter store...

Post by tj5iveo »

Thanx. Thought so. All good information. TJ

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Re: Winter store...

Post by tamathumper »

Skip the cover - mice love covered vehicles.
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Re: Winter store...

Post by WingAdmin »

Have you read through this? How to winterize your motorcycle

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Re: Winter store...

Post by Big Bob »

Call me the lazy bike owner. I will store my 06 1800 the same way I stored my 96 1500. Marine stabil in the gas, check air pressure in tires, take bike for at least a 10 mile ride, put bike on center stand, top off with gas, attach battery tender, collapse antennas, put cover on bike when it's cooled off, and don't touch until you have a 40 degree day after close to 6 months of storage, or less if your lucky. I've been doing this to my motorcycles for 17+ years and have never had a problem. I have used dryer sheets, but just a waste of time. We don't have a mouse problem. Good luck! Stay warm, your bike will start to whimper from not being riden after about 3 months, pay no attention, it will be fine. :D

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Re: Winter store...

Post by C-dub »

I’ll apologize in advance. Sorry!

I live in Texas and ride all year with only short breaks for really bad weather. Generally no more than a week or two in the bad parts of winter here.
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Re: Winter store...

Post by Big Blue UK »

If I think about it, I would just lift up the front wheel, and really stuff a firm cushion under it. I run Big Blue up onto old leather seat cushions after last ride. If I forget I leave it.
All this bike suspending, I would not trust tyres that could not stand indoors over winter. I never suspend the car during summer,
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Re: Winter store...

Post by raven41951 »

I'm with c-dub. This year instead of winterizing it I'm taking it to Florida (Odessa) for 3 months where I'll be shooting trap and riding my ride.

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