Speaker upgrade for 85 Limited - results

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Speaker upgrade for 85 Limited - results

Post by Goldenponyboy » Tue Mar 24, 2020 1:29 pm

I just figured I would post about my efforts to upgrade the old speakers in my 85 limited. I took a chance and hoped the stereo itself was good and the signals to the speakers would be fine. I wanted to keep the stock stereo. I like the mute function on the handle bar and having a radio is nice for when you don't want to mess with a playlist. I found some 4 inch kicker( 43DSC404) speakers that seemed shallow enough that they will fit the holes in the fairing and in the back speaker pods. I only bought one pair as I didn't want to waste my money if they didn't sound any better. I hooked them up and they didn't sound amazing. So I figured I would use them in the front and buy some of the ebay ones from Show chrome that are direct match for the back pods. Both fit just fine and I didn't notice any difference except they were better than the old dried out ones. If I had to do it again I would not have bothered with the kickers.
I think maybe the stereo itself is not 100%. When I use the joystick to move front to back left to right not every speaker is as loud as the other. The back right is kinda low. If anyone knows a way to make the connections better or if there is a trick let me know. I will leave it for this summer and maybe I will get lucky and learn of a fix. But if that doesn't work I might remove as much of the stereo and cb radio and wiring and get a blue tooth amp like this one from kenwood. It has a wired remote that can be placed anywhere.

https://www.amazon.ca/Kenwood-1177524-A ... ive&sr=1-1

Maybe that amp would bring the kickers to life a little. I would probably have to replace the show chrome ones with kickers as the show chrome speakers are low wattage speakers.
By getting rid of the stock stereo and cb radio it would simplify the handlebars and the rats nest of wires this bike has.
The kickers were $68 cdn and the showchrome were $35 USD.
I also think that getting a set of side case covers and putting some 6x9s would be nice boost for road trips. I never thought I would like having music so much but it sure is nice to cruise along with some tunes.

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