fastest goldwing.

Technical information and Q&A applicable to all years and models of Goldwings
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fastest goldwing.

Post by siouxindian1 »

what do you think is the quickest,and the fastest topend speed of all the goldwings from 1975 to 2011.

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Re: fastest goldwing.

Post by dingdong »

Here are some specs. Type the model in the search box. Most are there. ... g%2080.htm

Or go to this page and scroll down. Very interesting.

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Re: fastest goldwing.

Post by WingAdmin »

From a quick browse on that page, it appears that the quickest (in terms of 1/4 mile) is the 1100 Standard (unfaired) - which stands to reason, as it has lots of power, but without the weight of the fairing and bags. The top speed I saw was the 1982 1100 Aspencade (with fairing) at 134 mph.

Both of these surprised me: First because with the awesome torque of the GL1800, I expected it to smoke everything else in the 1/4 mile, but it appears lightness trumps horsepower, at least in their numbers. Second, because I know there is no way in hell my 1982 Aspencade will ever approach anything remotely close to 134 mph. Perhaps going downhill - but it becomes aerodynamically unstable long before reaching anything close to that speed, and I wouldn't even attempt it.

These are the top speed and quarter mile figures I picked off that page:

1000: 111 mph, 13.5s @ 99 mph
1100 Std: 126 mph, 12.4s @ 108 mph
1100 Asp: 134 mph, 12.9s @ 95.6 mph
1200: 129 mph, 13.3s @ 90 mph
1500: 113 mph, 13.8s @ 94.8 mph
1800: 122 mph, 12.9s (no speed listed)

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Re: fastest goldwing.

Post by dingdong »

Not sure how accurate any of these stats are though. I have another stat sheet for the 76, can't find it right now, that lists it through the 1/4 at 12.7 and 104mph. Any of the earlier GLs will run pretty good through the gears while holding the rpms up. Roll on times from lower rpms are another matter and that is one reason the 1800 seems so much quicker. Even my 1500 has better roll on times than my 1000. Just so much more torque.

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Re: fastest goldwing.

Post by flogger »

Surprising what you find with insomnia! Love to hear any updates or views...
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Re: fastest goldwing.

Post by Dusty Boots »

I had my 75 up to an 'indicated' 128 MPH once ... usually topped out at 124 -126 MPH - those 4s loved to rev!

My current 92 1500 saw an indicated 192 kph/ 119 mph while fully loaded, touring

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Re: fastest goldwing.

Post by 4wred »

When I get my 82 aspy up around 100 mph the pucker factor goes way up,the front end gets really light.I din't get this bike for high speed driving anyway,but I still like the way it gets up to highway speed quickly.If I really want to go fast I get on my 1100 katana.That thing peels the skin off my face :o when I really lay into it.Good thing I didn't have that bike when I was young and dumb I probably wouldn't be typing this now.

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Re: fastest goldwing.

Post by maintainer »

I don't think the specs via link were too accurate.

I have owned 3 goldwings so far and pretty much have wrung them all out several times when conditions allowed. Factory motorcycle speedometers are infamously innaccurate typically in the 10 percent error range towards too fast. I actually installed a Healtech Speedohealer on my GL 1800 so it's the only one I can speak about with any degree of accuracy about top speed.

To me no Goldwing is really fast, you might consider them quick for a large Honda if you chose to. But I do come from a sportbike background and owned many including the fastest "production" bike in the world, a performance modified Kawasaki ZX-14 which ran away and hid from my riding buddies with Hayabusa's. I say that only to say: that my perception of what's fast may differ from many who ride wings.

To me my nakey GL 1000 is quicker thru the gears up to triple digits than my GL 1100 Interstate.
My GL 1100 feels better when at higher speeds.

My GL 1800 was better than both, more stable with mega torque and had a top speed of 132 mph corrected. Originally from the factory it read like 144 mph which I knew by experience wasn't true.
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Re: fastest goldwing.

Post by insanemoondoggie »

The 1975 and 76 had hotter ignition and valve timing than the later models. 77/79 were tuned for more torque on the later models because of the extra weight from the fairing ,bags, etc. The 75/76 are faster thru the gears.
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Re: fastest goldwing.

Post by ekvh »

75-77 had more aggressive cams, and mechanical advance along with bigger carbs. 78-79 detuned the cams, carbs and advance some. Only noticed much if you let them rev up there. 75's probably could go fastest at WOT since their slides were scalloped out to open to the full Venturi opening.

I only rode my 83 naked 1100 twice. It's in boxes now. That thing seem to our best off the line and pulled to 118 in fourth gear when I decided that was enough. It seemed to have a ways to go.

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Re: fastest goldwing.

Post by MasonSi96 »

I’ve got a 81 gl1100 fully stripped lowered with a Holley single barrel and a full exhaust. It by far is faster than any other goldwing I have came across. It’s obviously still slow in the realm of bikes. But it outran my dads gl1200 and his gl1500 my cousin said his gl1800 with traction dynamics would take me from a roll. I didn’t beat him bad but I pulled away from him all the way to 120 when I let out.

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Re: fastest goldwing.

Post by Rednaxs60 »

Had my 1200 and 1500 out at the same time 2 weeks ago. I instructed the fellow riding my 1200 to shift 3000 RPM or better, and to stay above 2700 RPM regardless of gear. We had a bit of a run off a stop light on the local 4 lane highway. I shifted the 1500 at around 5200 RPM and could not lose the 1200. He mentioned later that he was shifting at around 6500 RPM keeping up. I'm thinking that a 1200 will actually take the 1500 from a standing stop.
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Re: fastest goldwing.

Post by minimac »

My 1500 might be slow, but I like it best anyway!

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